How To Find Your Perfect Sweater for This Winter.


How To Find Your Perfect Sweater for This Winter.



Wool is GREAT. These are a few reasons why.


1: Wool is NATURAL

Wool is grown year-round by sheep, which simple consumes water, air, sunshine and grass.



Wool naturally decomposes into soil taking years. While it does so, it slowly releases valuable nutrients to the ground.


3: Wool is RENEWABLE

Every year Australian sheep produce a new fleece, making wool a completely renewable fiber.




However, while wool having various benefits, some avoid it from the itchiness. Today we are here to introduce why some wool sweaters can be itchy and how to find your perfect cozy sweater for the upcoming cold weather!


First, what you need to know is that there are two ways to pipeline wool.


  1. Woolen route

This method is used for heavier count of yarn which is shorter and stronger. The yarn gets randomly distributed.


  1. Worsted route

Worsted route uses finer counts of yarn and fibers are parallel to each other.


Thus the differences in the feel and softness of a sweater vary according to how the wool is pipelined.


Woolen fabric

  • shorter fiber length
  • random fiber distribution
  • bulky yarns
  • corse to medium yarn count

Woolen fabrics are rougher and tend to be itchier.  

These fabrics are often used for jackets, coats, skirts, upholstery fabrics, rugs, and blankets.


Worsted fabric


  • longer finer length
  • parallel fiber distribution
  • smooth yarns
  • medium to fine yarn counts


Worsted fabrics are finer, even and smooth which means it is less itchy. These yarns are mostly used for apparel, but also for upholstery fabrics requiring a smooth finish.



SiiZU Sweater


So wool sweaters can be itchy when the fiber used is larger and broader. These fabrics are less flexible and it often pricks when it is pressed against the skin causing the itchiness.


Choosing Merino wool sweaters are another way to make sure you have an anti-itchy sweater. Merino wool has finer fiber’s that are more flexible and bendable than other wool. Moreover, Merino wool enhances the elastic nature of wool making it more fitting and comfortable to wear.  

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