How To Prevent Pilling and Clean a Sweater



How To Prevent Pilling and Clean a Sweater? 



SiiZU garments are designed to be easy for you to care for. We only use 100% natural fiber in all the clothing. We use the longest cashmere fibres possible. Longer fibres mean reduced pilling and improved hand feel.

However, pilling is an inevitable process that is inherent in wool fabric due to the natural characteristics of the fiber. Generally, pilling happens when abrasion from normal wear causes short fibers to begin to push out from the surface of the cloth.


Here are some tips- how to take care of your sweater.  


1: Washing by Hand- The safest way to ensure no damage

  • Hand wash your pieces in cold water with a mild detergent. Look for low-alkaline soap, the lower the alkaline level the better.


2: Washing by Machine

  • Always turn sweaters inside out to reduce pilling. Wash in extra-large mesh bags. Keep your wash time to a minimum.


3: Flat drying- always recommended

  • Place the sweater on a rack and reshape it as much as possible. Keep it away from sunlight and let it air-dry.


4: Machine drying -there is a risk

  • Put your sweater in the dryer, dry on LOW heat and remove it when it is almost dry and let it finish drying flat on a rack.


5: Remove Pilling

  • Simply glide in one direction over target areas. The fine mesh screens will gently pick up stray pills while leaving renewed yarns behind. Bulky knits need only a light touch, while tighter knits can take a more aggressive combing. 



Or you can leave it to the professionals- Check out more info from The Laundress – An eco-friendly detergent brand based in New York.