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What is Tencel?

Tencel Fiber
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Tencel material is frequently associated with eco-friendly fashion and great quality, but what exactly is it? Why has it achieved acclaim for being so environmentally sound? Well, Tencel is essentially wood pulp that is naturally processed to form cellulose fibers. The wood pulp used to create Tencel comes from sustainably grown trees in areas unsuitable for crop growth and grazing.




Close Loop Tencel


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These areas are called tree farms, and they are void of accumulated waste and harmful chemical exposure. Once these trees are turned into wood chips, wood pulp is made, which gets sent to a Lenzing production facility. Lenzing is the name of the company that manufactures Tencel, and from there, the wood pulp is placed in a solvent.
The wood material dissolves, and once a certain consistency is reached, it is strained to create long, pure white cellulose fibers. These fibers are then woven to create Tencel fabric. This entire process is known as a “closed loop process,” meaning almost all of the emissions released during production are recaptured at some point subsequent to the formation of Tencel. There is virtually no waste involved.  


Tencel fabric


Tencel isn’t only favorable to our environment, it is a dreamily supple material, preferable for its beauty and functionality. Tencel has served to be great for sensitive skin with its breathable, moisture absorbing, and cooling qualities.  Aesthetically speaking, Tencel has a unique draping factor to it.   The way it softly adorns the body in an airy, yet durable way is incredible and unique. All is good when it comes to Tencel: what could possibly be more fabulous than clothes that luxuriously and comfortably wrap around you, all while promoting ecological peace?  


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