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Tencel Fabric Care 


Tencel Tshirt Tee fabric care


Tencel is one of the most interesting fabrics, made out of wood fibers, man-made, and sustainable, Tencel has proven to be one of the top choices for ecofriendly and organic wear.

Although Tencel is a product of high durability and resilience, it must be handled with as little aggression as possible.


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Machine washable


It is indeed machine washable, but be sure to set your machine to a gentle setting, using cool water and a mild detergent.  Because it is a natural product, it responds best to light and natural cleaning products.



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LineDry is Always Recommended


High heat hurts Tencel. Tencel cloth should be hung or laid out flat to dry. Tencel is fundamentally wrinkle- and shrink- resistant, but if you find the need to iron it, be sure to avoid scorching temperatures. Use a warm iron while your Tencel product is still a bit damp, and you will get the best results.