Japanese Cotton



For our Japanese Cotton, we work with a fabric supplier specialized in producing a special fabric called Banshu-ori. The Japanese cotton has been subject to a special production method which leads to a natural texture, abundant color, and a pleasant feeling. They produce the Banshu-ori in a traditional way which is very rare in Japan today.



superior quality high quality
We use Extra Long Staple Cotton for our Bansu ori fabric. The longer the Staple, the better the cotton.
eco-friendly sustainable
For the Japanese Banshu Ori fabric, the yarns are dyed before they are weaved. This results in soft textures and profound colors.
affordability cheap
The extra long fibres mean super durable cotton that is resistant to pilling. It also creates cotton that is unbelievably soft.






superior quality high quality
It is indeed machine washable, but be sure to set your machine to a gentle setting, using cool water and a mild detergent. Because it is a natural product, it responds best to light and natural cleaning products.
eco-friendly sustainable
Oxygen and chlorine bleaches could harm the dye or other finishes applied to the fabric. Cotton fabrics can be damaged if you rub them with stain remover while they are wet.
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High heat hurts Natural Fibers. Cotton cloth can be tumble dry in low temperatures. if you find the need to iron it, be sure to avoid scorching temperatures. Use a warm iron while your Cotton clothing is still a bit damp, and you will get the best results.