SeaWool Fabric- Recycled Oyster Shell



For our SeaWool Fabric, we work with a fabric supplier specialized in producing innovative textile in Taiwan. The SeaWool fabric is made from upcycled oyster shell which is sustainably collected from oyster farm in Taiwan.



superior quality high quality
Seawool naturally stops odour causing bacteria from growing on the fabric, which keeps the fabric and garment smelling fresher for long.
eco-friendly sustainable
Oyster shells are sourced from the food industry, ground into powder and mixed with recycled PET plastic bottles. It can also prevent the static from happening during the winter time.
Seawool fabric
Seawool is soft to touch and provides natural insulation to help keep the body warm in cold temperatures.






superior quality high quality 
Dry cleaning is recommended. In order to prevent the color fading and the texture of the fabric, Please don not put it in washing machine
eco-friendly sustainable
Oxygen and chlorine bleaches could harm the dye or other finishes applied to the fabric. The fabrics can be damaged if you rub them with stain remover while they are wet.
 affordability cheap=
High heat hurts this fabric. It should be hung. If you find the need to iron/steam it, be sure to avoid scorching temperatures. Use a warm iron and you will get the best results.