Garment Factory - BEIJING, CHINA



About This Factory


Our garment factory has been operating since the early 1990s. Located in a quaint suburban town an hour away from Beijing, it feels a world away from the bustling capital, while offering markedly better air quality to boot.  

The factory employs over 300 garment workers, with 70% of them having been working with the factory for more than 10 years. As we walked through the factory with Ms. Wang, the factory owner, we were genuinely touched by the togetherness of this team - and it felt very much like being introduced to one giant family.

As a strong contrast to the stereotype of a polluted, dirty assembly line, Ms. Wang offers a small garden for her workers to grow their beloved plants while at work.


Why We Partner with Them 


Ever since the beginning of SiiZU, we have been seeking a partner that is capable of executing our Zero Waste design philosophy. This complex pattern design demands a factory that offers experienced workers that are at the top of their fields, while also offering the highest level of attention to details.


Having been introduced to Ms. Wang, she proudly invited us for a trip out to her factory for a tour. We were certainly surprised to arrive to such a pristine quiet town outside of Beijing, but it was the friendly factory workers that have left the lasting impression to us.


After a tour through the factory floor and a quick stroll in her factory’s garden, it was obvious to us that Ms. Wang cares a great deal for her workers and the environment. We were so thrilled to have found a factory that shares our commitment to ethical manufacturing, and after witnessing their experienced workers’ craftsmanship, the decision of working with them was an easy one.


SiiZU continues to be very proud of working with this ethical, environmentally conscious partner.