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Clothing Factory - NEW YORK, USA



 About This Factory:


Our clothing factory is located in the Garment District of New York City. The owner, Joanna, has been working with New York Designers for decades.


A talk with Joanna:  


S: How did you become involved in the fashion industry?

J: I grew up in WenZhou, China, and there are a lot of fashion factories there. Because I was exposed to the textile factory scene at an early age, I dropped out from school and went to the factory to be an apprentice. Learning how to make clothing made me so happy, and helped me find my calling!


S: How long have you been working in the fashion industry?

J: I have been working in the fashion industry for over 30 years now.


S: What are your daily responsibilities?

J: I make a lot of clothing each day! I am involved in creating and manufacturing clothing first-hand.


S: What do you enjoy most about your job?

J: I find so much joy in the act of making clothing. My love for making clothing has kept me in the business for as long as I have been doing this.


S: What does fashion mean to you?

J: Fashion means looking and feeling good. It is important to realize you can make a living by creating it as well.


S: Do you have a favorite fabric to work with?

J: Silk is my favorite fabric to work with! I also love all of the eco fabrics.


S: What does eco-friendly fashion mean to you?

J: Eco-friendly fashion means comfort, health, looking nice, and being kind to the environment.


S: Where do you enjoy spending your free time in New York City?

J: I enjoy taking walks around different neighborhoods in the city, especially  in Chelsea.





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