Organic Cotton Supplier - Osaka, Japan



About This Factory


This factory has been operating since 1950. Located in Osaka, Japan, this factory is specialized in producing a special fabric called Banshu-ori. 

Banshu-ori dates back to the 1700's, the middle of the Edo period. 

There are about 153 employees working with state-of-the-art technologies to provide our customers with the best Organic Japanese Cotton


The Material 


The attractive characteristics of Banshu-ori come from yarn dyeing, which is rare even in Japan.

In general, the fabrics are weaved, then workers digital print or dye the pattern on the fabrics.

For Banshu-ori fabric, the yarns are dyed before they are weaved. This results in soft textures and profound colors. 

Finishing is an important process that affects the quality. The finishes provide a rich texture and functionality that transform the fabric. 


Why We Partner with Them 


For SiiZU, the quality of our fabric is paramount, be it our silk, cotton, cashmere, or merino wool. With that priority in mind, we were immediately drawn to this factory as they have had a long reputation for providing premium Banshu-ori fabric.


Stringent inspection are carried out before shipping. Even after shipping, all records are kept as valuable resources to further improve quality.


The quality is backed by tradition and experience, from design and planning to dyeing, weaving, and inspection. 


The fact that they were committed to producing the high quality Banshu-ori fabric in a traditional way, which is an increasingly rare practice in the industry, also bodes very well with us.


SiiZU is very glad to work with partners that are as committed to the environment and tradition as we are.