Sea Wool Factory - Oyster Shell Fabric


About This Factory


This factory has been operating since 2002. Located in Tainan, Taiwan, this factory is strategically situated close to the major oyster farms in Taiwan. 

The most advanced product from Hans Global Textile is their patent Sea Wool Fabric which is made of recycled OYSTER SHELL.   

There are about 80 employees working in production, marketing, management, accounting, and R&D department in their company in Taiwan. 


The Material 


The SeaWool fabric used in our clothing came from the recycled oyster shell, which, is 100% eco-friendly. The oyster shell is sustainably recycled from the oyster farms in Taiwan. 

The hand feel of this fabric is awesome. It just feels like Wool. We are proud to say that our oyster shell fabric is produced by bluesign® system. 


Why We Partner with Them 


For SiiZU, the quality of our fabric is paramount. We listen to our customers' feedback and try very hard to provide the solution for them. 

Some of our customers are yearning for non-wool fabrics or a more vegan option. 

We tried using organic cotton yarn, but the hand feel is not as good as wool woven fabric. 

Then we found Hans Global in Taiwan, their oyster shell seawool fabric is a perfect solution. 

The oyster consumption in Asia is growing dramatically. With the explosive demand of oyster, the new technology benefits not just the environment but also the economy. 

SiiZU is very glad to work with partners that are as committed to the environment as we are.



Sea Wool Factory

 sea wool oyster shell fabric Factory

oyster shell fabric Factory


 sea wool oyster shell fabric Factory