Sweater Factory- Inner Mongolia



About This Factory


This factory has been operating since 1999. Located in Inner Mongolia, this factory is strategically situated in the center of the world’s primary source of premium cashmere fiber.

Nearly 70% of their clothing are knitted with fiber that they have produced from their own ranch, while they also import high-quality merino wool directly from Biella, Italy to produce a wide range of knitwear.

There are about 280 employees working with state-of-the-art technologies to provide our customers with the best quality cashmere.


The Material 


To provide our customers with cashmere of the highest quality, this factory has its very own ranch where they would raise each goat in the traditional manner.

The Italian merino wool used in our sweaters came from domesticated sheep, which, unlike wild sheep, cannot shed their own fleece. Farmers would shear the sheep during the hot summer months to prevent them from heat exhaustion.

We are proud to say that all of the merino and cashmere fiber used on our sweater line are cruelty-free.

(To learn more about eco-friendly wool, We highly suggest this piece on the Mother Nature Network: https://goo.gl/ZPkaYz)


Why We Partner with Them 


For SiiZU, the quality of our fabric is paramount, be it our silk, cotton, cashmere, or merino wool. With that priority in mind, we were immediately drawn to this factory as they have had a long reputation for providing premium cashmere and wool to some of fashion world’s most famous names.

The fact that they were committed to raising their own cashmere goats in a ranch the traditional way, which is an increasingly rare practice in the industry, also bodes very well with us.

SiiZU is very glad to work with partners that are as committed to the environment as we are.



Sweater Factory

Sweater Factory

Sweater Factory

 Sweater Factory

Sweater Factory

Sweater Factory