Interview: Claire ~ Our Lovely Real Model




Interview: Claire - Our Lovely Real Model



How do we make natural clothes look natural?

Use real women as real models of-course. What better way to show the beauty of slow-fashion and how each of our pieces work for you and your body. 

For our first real model we have Claire, a researcher for human diseases.

Get to know Claire and read about how she keeps her creative spirit alive, her favorite restaurants in NYC, and her wardrobe essentials!





Claire was born in the south, but raised in upstate New York by an engineer and a music teacher; some of her best memories revolve around music, dance, art, and science.

She thinks that in her adult life, she is trying to keep all of those things alive in some way or another, just to make sure she's not REALLY a dreaded "grown up."

Her worst fear is to wake up one morning and see that she has not created anything worthy or beautiful in her life- if that happens, it would be the worst fate- stagnation is a living death.


S: What do you do for a living?


C: I do research for a pharmaceutical company to make animal models for human diseases. It's exciting to be part of something so high-throughput and cutting edge, and it's fun on a day-to-day basis because there's so much creativity in biology. Our living world is so complex and unknown, and every day I tinker with tiny bits of DNA with the hope of someday making the world just a little bit better.




S: What activities do you enjoy doing when you are off work?


C: I've been keeping up with a Painting-A-Week challenge with one of my best friends (her IG is @ekatearcher) to stay creative- each week one of us chooses a word, and by Monday the next week, we post a visual product inspired by that word. Other than painting, I play a lot of Skyrim, dabble with my old cello, lead an improv comedy club, and try to eat at as many different restaurants as possible.




S: Which restaurant you like to most in NYC?


C: The list of favorites is so long! I eat out a lot, and my boyfriend and I try to choose a new place every time! For Sunday brunch, I love Buvette or Bosie Tea Parlor; for lunch, Mew Men or Doaba Deli; for a fancy dinner, I love the flavorful food at Hanjan or Hakata Tonton. And of course 99 Cent Fresh Pizza on 43rd street- no NYC list would be complete without the best pizza place ever.



S: What is your favorite neighbourhood hangout in NYC?


C: I'm in love with lazy afternoon walks through the west village, but late-night shenanigans are best left to the FiDi- it's a ghost town once the sun sets, and it feels incredibly liberating to walk along the empty streets that hum with so much history and power. I always think back to the 2008 recession, which was a very big part of my generation's adolescence, and marvel at how such a tiny space could hold so much financial weight. It's tough to think about, but it's a good reminder that we need to do better- by ourselves and our peers, but most importantly, our earth.




S: Where is your dream vacation destination?


C: I went to Tuscany once and all I want to do is go back! The European approach to life seems slower, more authentic, and less preoccupied with all the wrong things. I want to soak in a culture where money, time, and efficiency aren't front-and-center; where your job doesn't define your worth; where people take the time to meet over wine and don't feel the need to exhaust or isolate themselves to prove they're valuable.



S: What are the 3 wardrobe essentials you must own?


C: A sweatshirt purloined from the wardrobe of someone you love, black high-top leggings, and black leather shoes to carry you through life's journeys.


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