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Interview: Jen, Founder of One Over One




Interview: Jen - Founder of One Over One



The founder of One Over One and SiiZU talk about beauty, natural products, and what it takes to live a minimalistic lifestyle.


One Over One is our new favorite skin care brand. Their focus on skin-loving natural beauty products is changing our daily routine and helping us live more healthily. If you're looking for natural products, give One Over One a try! We talked to their founder, Jen, so you guys can get a transparent look into how they work.





S: What is the story behind the name- One Over one?


J: The genesis of the name came from the desire to speak to the individual and to develop individual products that have integrity and performance. The simple equation 1/1=1 is the heart of the name and our iconic mark. For us, the mark represents the power of 1 - you - and your individual characteristics. This is a departure from the current makeup up trend of everyone wanting to look like someone else instead of themselves. It also refers to a fundamental belief of ours which is simple is best. We embody this belief in everything we do. From product development to application and final results.



S: What is the definition that you have for beauty?


J: We believe that beauty is individual and shouldn't get swept up in trend. Beauty comes with confidence, pleasure, relationships, rest, hydration, eating well, and exercise. It does not come in a box from Sephora.




S: Can you think of one specific kind of flower/plant that can represent One Over One? Why?


J: My favorite flower is a peony in a very pale pink color. It is soft, with subtle pink gradients on non uniform petals. One stem alone is stunning. Upon maturity, the flower gets larger and the petals spread revealing the subtle colors deep inside the bud. One Over One delivers a similarly soft, subtle look, and allows a persons inherent beauty to shine.




S: What is the one product that you apply the first every morning?


J: I apply a natural oil primer that we are currently working on everyday. It helps to balance natural oils, and sets my complexion up for a busy day. From there, I always apply our Duo Tone Cream Color. It gives a healthy glow that makes me feel a bit more alive.


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S: What is the one cosmetic product you cannot live without?


J: It was always mascara, but I have ditched the mascara recently for an eye lash curler. I love the look of natural lashes, but sometimes they need a little help.



S: What minimalistic lifestyle do you live in?


J: I recently moved with my family from LA to a small town in Massachusetts (close to family) in order to simplify our busy lives. Our children go to school across the street instead of across the city, and we walk to town for errands and extras. For us, this is a huge departure from our life in LA where we spent hours in the car everyday. Minimizing our travel has helped to focus our life together as a family.



S: Name the three pieces of clothing in your wardrobe that you wear the most.


J: White button down, dark jeans, silk scarf. This is my favorite outfit. I love pairing it with a cool pair of sneakers. I could wear this everyday.


S: What eco lifestyle do you have that gives you the natural glow?


J: I work out regularly. I love workouts like Taryn Toomey's The Class, but I sadly don't live in LA anymore. So, I try to ride my stationary bike to an on-demand spin class 3 days a week and squeeze in a yoga class here and there. We get outside a lot on the weekend as a family which helps physically and mentally. I also cook daily for my family focusing on making as much from scratch that I can muster up the energy for. I also recently gave up caffeine and try to only drink really good bottles of wine. The later has helped to decreased my alcohol intake significantly!



S: What relaxing activity/workshops that you enjoy doing the most?


J: I love yoga, and always feel refreshed after a good class. But mostly, I love having a casual dinner with friends and family. This really resets me.



S: Are there any secret tips that you can give to make women to live with natural beauty? Such as things to avoid, what type of food to eat etc.


J: Every other magazine article I read is talking about sugar these days. I have taken the advice and try to avoid sugar when possible. This includes alcohol. But I believe that life is a balance, and I have a powerful sweet tooth. So, I satisfy my cravings when I have them, and don't get too down on myself ever. I am who I am, my body is what it is, and I try to accept it all. I think this really is what makes me naturally beautiful.



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