Interview: Kathryn Kellogg - Founder of Going Zero Waste




Interview: Kathryn - Founder of Going Zero Waste



The founder of Going Zero Waste and SiiZU talk about what it takes to live a Zero Waste lifestyle.


Going Zero Waste is one of our new favorite blog - founded by Kathryn Kellogg. she focuses on sharing sustainable lifestyle tips to help the readers live more healthily. 





S: In a recent article you talk about appreciating without accumulating when it comes to finding something cute and not having to buy it. Where do you draw the line between what you need and what you want?


K: It's definitely not cut and dry. I have to think over a decision for a long time. I buy almost exclusively second hand, and sometimes all that thinking means I lose a piece. Which is OK! I typically have a running list of something I would like and then I wait and wait and wait some more until the perfect one comes along. It can take weeks or even years. But, when you find the perfect piece, you just know! I don't want to bring anything into my closet or even home that's something I don't 100% love and use on a regular basis. All that thinking an waiting leads to a very curated closet.



S: What's your favorite breakfast meal?


K: Roasted veggie hash with a poached egg or two!



S: Do you have any tips on how to dress more sustainably for beginners?


K: Reduce, repair, and re-wear! Reduce the amount of shopping you do. Try to not go shopping for at least three months and really focus on what you already own. If anything needs to be repaired, tailored or taken to the cobbler do that! Then when you need something new look at the second-hand market first! It's so easy to do these days with technology!



S: What is your favorite candle scent?


K: Hmmm... I'm not super into scents. I make my own candles that are scentless. But, I love the smell of caramelizing onions or chocolate chip cookies in the oven!





S: What sparked your interest in eco-friendly fashion and living sustainably?


K: After some personal health issues, I started really looking into the ingredients in my food, beauty products, and cleaning products. I started looking for more natural alternatives. I also started researching more about plastic in the environment and health repercussions and started phasing that out of my life too. It was a pretty natural transition. Making my own products also saved me a lot of money!! I started shopping second hand simply because it was cheaper, but it's also the most eco-friendly way to shop!! Win-win!!



S: We like that you re-use your white tops and turn them into rags or handkerchiefs, and then eventually composting them. What kind of composting do you do? what would be some great tips on starting your own compost heap?


K: I'm not the best at composting. I've sent 2,000 compost worms to worm heaven, may they rest in peace. But, it's better to be a bad composter than not compost at all! Composting is one of the best things you can do for the environment!! Worms known as vermicomposting will take care of cotton rather quickly. They'll just eat it up! There are several types of composting, you can read more in these two posts here and here






S: Who are some women you follow that inspire you?


K: I'm super obsessed with food, I love cooking and making new recipes. I'm always bummed those posts don't perform well for me on Instagram or my blog. But, I'm always Instagramming them anyways! (algorithm and likes be damned!) But, I love looking at drool-worthy food from @alison_wu @naturallyella @candicekumai and @minimalistbaker.



S: Favorite place to eat?


K: Cha, Cha, Cha and Lane Splitter!



S: How do you feel wearing eco-friendly has helped you in other aspects of your life?


K: Like I said earlier, sometimes when you think and wait and think, you miss the "prize." It's important to realize it's just a thing. Things really aren't that important. They don't define us and will never be a true source of happiness.



S: and finally, your zero waste challenge has inspired many people to adopt a more environmentally- friendly lifestyle, what's one thing you do every day since you've adopted the challenge?


K: Well I do almost all of them! But, one of the easiest habits to pick up on is always carrying a reusable water bottle with you ALWAYS! I like to opt for a double insulated bottle. It keeps water cold without sweating and it keeps hot drinks from burning your hands so you're always prepared for a last minute coffee date or hike!



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