Interview: Mitzi, A Talented Model




SiiZU Lady: Meet Mitzi, A talented Model and artist


Mitzi is a model based in Brooklyn, New York.

Like many others, Mitzi did most of her growing up elsewhere.  She'd spent four years in Tokyo, where upon being scouted she started modeling and acting and thought less of survival and more of how to make it worthwhile. 
Then she moved to New York, where she is very happily contributing her particular talents and peculiar humor to a variety of creative projects.



She split most of her time between two passions - gymnastics and art. (check out her IG @lilmitz_ to see her work)

We talked with Mitzi about her personal style, her faith, and her journey to becoming a model. 


S: What is your journey to becoming a model?

M: I started modeling in Japan, where I moved in 2009 to teach English at a middle school in Nagano. After a year, I couldn't handle the snow and the slow pace anymore so I decided to try Tokyo, where I got scouted to model. I ended up staying there to do that as well as acting for four years, in magazines, shows and ad campaigns, as well as commercials and TV shows. I never thought this was where my life would go, but the little kid version of me who was always performing had grown up fantasizing about it, so I’m glad things turned out as they did.



S: We know that you love drawing, what inspired your artwork?

M: Drawing is something I've been doing my whole life – a pastime, like reading or watching TV. I did a lot of that, too, and it all fed each other (I was always drawn to the bizarre and dark and gross stuff). I never studied art very formally, but I drew all through class, on the bus to and from school, partly as a means to entertain myself, but ultimately the joy came from being able to visually manipulate what I saw, or to create things I’d never seen but would like to experience. I mostly draw portraits, and I guess what inspires me most is just people watching, catching people in their various states. There is no end to good people-watching in New York.


S: What is your favorite restaurant in New York?

M: This is a tough one – There are too many good restaurants around here to revisit the same one twice. That said, I would go back to Kottu House (Sri Lankan on the Lower East Side), Cocoron (Japanese on Delancey), Caracas (Williamsburg arepas), and I’ve been to Krolewskie Jadlo, a Polish joint around the corner from my Greenpoint apartment, more than once. Pierogis are so good.



S: Where is your dream vacation destination?

M: I’m dying to go to Ireland. The West coast, specifically. Highlands. I want to roll down those forever green hills.

S: What is your personal style, any styling tips?

M: I’ve often described my personal style as “young choir boy.” Mildly masculine, but playful. Ultimately though, being comfortable is the priority for me, so depending on the weather, my mood, and what I have to do that day, I tailor my little boy chic look to match.


S: What are the 3 wardrobe essentials you must own?

M: Black loafers, black jeans, and an oversized coat with pockets that fit more than just my hands.


Follow Mitzi on IG here.


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