Interview: Maria & Alyssa, Spinach 4 Breakfast




Interview: Maria & Alyssa From Spinach 4 Breakfast



Alyssa and Maria Tosoni are two sisters taking on Manhattan one green smoothie at a time. Their passion for health and wellness gave way to their beautiful and bright blog: Spinach For Breakfast. We reached out to get to know them better and find out their secret recipe to living healthy!




SiiZU: What inspired you to start blogging?


S: We were both doing the 21 Day Clean Program Cleanse and thought it might be fun to start a blog dedicated solely to Clean Program recipes. Over the past few years it has evolved into a full blown healthy lifestyle blog; featuring recipes, beauty, fitness and lifestyle tips! Our motto is more of a realistic balance, since that's the life we live. We still have a section dedicated to Clean Program recipes, since that's where it all started! 



SiiZU: What is behind the name “Spinach for breakfast”?


S: We were drinking greens smoothies every morning! One day while we were trying to think of a name for our blog we looked down at our smoothie and thought, how about Spinach for Breakfast? It stuck. :)



SiiZU: Can you share your lifestyle with us?


S: It's a balance. We eat as clean and healthy as possible, meaning the least amount of processed food, whenever we can. However we live in NYC, and don't deny ourselves all the amazing food our city has to offer. We just make sure to maintain a healthy balance. It's a learning process, and something we get better at year after year.


SiiZU: What’s your dream food destination?


Maria- I recently went to Italy and of course was blown away by how fresh and delicious everything was. I would go there a million times, but if I had to pick something new I would say Japan! Good sushi is always at the top of my list. 

Alyssa - I haven't been to Italy so that has t obe my first choice!! 

SiiZU: What inspired you to join the Clean program? How does it help yo


S: We both weren't feeling well for different reasons. We decided an elimination diet might help us discover the foods our bodies have a hard time tolerating. It opened us up to the world of clean eating, and showed us how amazing we can look and feel when we nourish our bodies solely with whole foods.




SiiZU: What’s your favorite place to eat in the New York City?


S: This is literally the hardest question! There are so many amazing places. We love Carbone and L'Artusi for Italian, Sushi Yasuda and Catch for sushi, and By Chloe for vegan. Our list goes on and on. :)



SiiZU: What do you think about sustainable fashion?


S: We are all for sustainable fashion. We hope there are more brands that can transition to making quality clothing in an environmentally, socially and socio-economically conscious way.


SiiZU: What’s your favorite fabric?


S: Can't go wrong with a good quality cotton!


SiiZU: Do you two have different fashion styles?


S: Our styles are very similar, however because our body types are different it reflects in our outfit choices. It makes sharing clothes tricky. ;)

SiiZU: What are your 3 wardrobe essentials? 


S: A leather jacket, black skinny jeans, and a staple pair of sunglasses.




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