Interview: Tamara, Founder of Brooklyn Candle Studio




Meet Tamara - The Founder of Brooklyn Candle Studio



Brooklyn Candle Studio is an homage to the meditative approach of the small batch process.


Small batches of hand poured soy candles line the windows at Brooklyn Candle Studio’s shop near the Brooklyn Piers. Each candle is carefully prepared in-house using fresh botanical aromas and high-quality soy. The packaging for these candles is lovingly put together with a warm vintage touch.

Tamara Mayne, Brooklyn Candle Studio’s founder, let SiiZU into her mind and creative process and we discover what makes these scents so special. 




S: What motivated you to start a candle business?


T: I had been making candles as gifts for friends and family and put up a shop on Etsy for fun. It wasn't meant to become anything serious at first, just a side gig. But then buyers from retail stores started expressing a lot of interest in my candles and a business it became!




S: Can you talk about the brand spirit of Brooklyn Candle?


T: We hand make beautiful high-quality candles with the best ingredients. We believe candles should be an overall experience from the look of the vessel to the wonderful scents that fill a room.



S: What are some of the most popular products that you sell? 


T: Our Fern + Moss and Sweet Fig candles are our most popular.  



S: What scent(s) do you like the most? 


T: My favorites of the moment are Tobacco and Firewood. I love the more masculine scents!



S: What activities do you enjoy doing when you are off work? 


T: When I am not working, I enjoy playing with my 4-month-old son, sewing, reading design magazines, and trying out new restaurants with my husband. 




S: Which restaurant you like the most in NYC?


T: It's hard to choose, but one of my favorites is The Good Fork in Red Hook. 


Address: 391 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn, NY 11231



S: Name the three pieces of clothing in your wardrobe that you wear the most.


T: My vintage Levis jeans, a COS maxi dress, and a long grey cardigan sweater.

Check out Brooklyn Candle Studio Here



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