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10 Best Rugs To Style Your Perfect Home



10 Best Rugs To Style Your Perfect Home



These 10 Rugs Embrace Character & Style



Rugs are essential for defining a room. They set the tone of the home bringing character and color into your place. If you’re looking for something a little brighter, with spunk, and a happier essence, look into decorating with modern rugs. For something more minimalistic, a Moroccan rug might be what you're looking for. Check out these 10 gorgeous rugs which each add their own twist to the room. 



Long Shag Rugs




Shag rugs are the perfect addition to a modern home. The texture of a long shag complements bright colors and creates a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.

Shop similar styles at Rugs USA.


Tonal Rugs




If you have a lot of prints on the rest of your accessories like chairs, pillows, curtains, or artwork you might want to let the eyes rest on a beautiful tonal rug. Pick a calming color like sea green to bring all your furniture together. Safavieh has a large collection of tonal rugs for you to pick from.



Wall Rugs




Rugs aren’t just for floors anymore! Pick a bright tapestry-like rug to decorate your walls with. Try these rugs by Urban Outfitters to decorate your walls with.



Retro Rugs



This retro and colorful rug in geometric cubic design makes the entire room look funky. Pair it with beautiful art and pillows that match and you’ve got yourself a groovy living room. Find a similar style on Modern-Rugs.




Floral Rugs




For a more romantic setting, floral patterns can never go wrong. Decorate with a rug that has a more abstract look to modernize the setting. See this bright handtufted floral rug by NuLoom.



Tibetan Rugs




This fabulous duplex of a Sao Paolo hairdresser mixes glamorous vintage furniture with a custom-made Tibetan rug. The bright blue circles pop from the floor instantly lifting your mood while also complimenting the eccentric designs. Ralo Tibetan Rugs sell authentic Tibetan rugs, handmade using raw Tibetan wool.



Dark Rugs



If you want to let your artwork or furniture take the spotlight, opt for a darker tonal rug that still exudes luxury but doesn’t pop out in bright dizzying colors. Shop Ikea for easily accessible dark tonal rugs such as their Adum Rug.



Jute Rugs




For a more bohemian and natural feel, try these popular organic Jute rugs made from vegetable fibers quite like Tencel. Shop for natural rugs made out of Jute at West Elm.



Moroccan Rugs




Moroccan rugs are much loved in modern homes. The minimalistic designs and texture of the rug help tone out the area, while adding character to the home. Try this similar Moroccan rug by Anthropologie.



Multiple Rugs



If you’re like us and after this list can’t decide on one rug, why not get multiple? Mix and match styles to create the perfect combination customized to your exact tastes. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that and we love the creativity! Check out Experimental Vintage’s etsy shop for gorgeous vintage rugs in similar color schemes.


Show us your living rooms and how you like to decorate. Share in the comments below!




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