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10 Healthy Things to Do to Improve Your Lifestyle.




10 Healthy Things to Do to Improve Your Lifestyle.



Adopt these healthy habits to become a better you and improve your lifestyle for the New Years!


We’ve put together a list of healthy habits for better physical and emotional health. Things you can do every day at home or at the office that will improve your lifestyle. Let’s create a more peaceful, productive, and happy 2017!


1: Write down 5 ideas a day


This is a great resolution for productivity, motivation, and just to keep your creativity on the roll. Write down 5 ideas a day, any ideas, and see yourself over time become a better problem-solver, analytically and creatively. Idea number one: Start writing ideas.



2: Prioritize your time for things that matter




Most people’s goals are to become better organized or to improve their time-management. We believe you should prioritize your time for things that matter. Going back to making lists, write out around 10 things that you want to accomplish this year. Set a schedule for them and do it. Writing things down makes you want to commit to them more. Want to go on a plant-based diet? Set a schedule to look at recipes, then set a schedule to go grocery shopping, then cooking.

See our blog post on Lauren Caris: A vegetarian-turned-vegan pioneer that started her own vegan recipes blog.



3: Compliment yourself


While feeding the ego isn’t necessarily a good thing, being able to recognize your achievements and strengths is always a good thing. Find time to compliment one thing about yourself every day. Maybe during your morning mantra to get you ready for a long day at work. List out your strengths, and feel positive instantly.



4: Start working out


We mean it. We know it’s on everybody’s list but really push yourself this year! Start with 10 minutes of stretching a day. See how good that makes you feel. Then join a yoga club! See 5 place to practice yoga in New York. Next thing you know, you’ll actually enjoy working out.



5: Donate old clothes




The smallest gestures can make the biggest difference. Start by donating old clothes you haven’t worn. That t-shirt lying in the back of your closet you haven’t put on in 3 years? Someone else needs it more, and you’ll feel better knowing that your shirt is serving its purpose.



6: Start dressing eco-friendly.


One way to recycle your clothes is by buying slow-fashion wear. These are clothes that are designed to last more than just a few seasons. With high-quality materials and minimalistic styles, slow-fashion wear is clothes you can put on every day with no worry. Check out our guide to green-living to see all the other things you can do to make a better you.



7: Do something artistic/Create something


Most people will say that they’re not artistic and let that inhibit them from creating. Take the stress away with a drink and draw class. Have a cup of wine and paint, you might end up with a new hobby (and wall art)! For a DIY project, try making plantable paper, you can use them as cute little gift cards for people and hit two birds with one stone (see number 10.)


8: Switch to organic wines.




Organic wines are infinitely better for you. The chemical that give you that wine hangover are from sulfite dioxide, and organic wines are grown with organic grapes with no added sulfite dioxide. Check out our blog post on happy hour spots for organic drinks to find your organic wine at a discount!



9: Do something nice for someone.



One small gesture of kindness once a day will make the world a better place. Remember how good you feel when someone would hold the door for you, compliment your outfit, or anything that was just pure kind. Return the favor to brighten up someone’s day!



10: Plant something




This might seem like a strenuous task, but you don’t have to plant an entire garden! Having something green to look at every day gives you a calmness and peace that is great for your mind, body, and soul. There are many ways you can start, try these 5 super easy plants you can plant from your kitchen. Just plop them in soil, water a few times and watch them sprout!


That’s it! We hope you all have a better 2017. Like, share, and comment if you have some ideas you want to share!


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