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10 Organic Restaurants in New York - Eats of the Week



10 Organic Restaurants in New York - Eats of the Week


A lifestyle that incorporates organic products will be sure to have you glowing. Rock our eco-friendly fashions while fueling your body with a diet full of all-natural, sustainably produced food and feel amazing! Unleash your inner green goddess by trying some of our favorite organic spots across the city. Dig in, enjoy, and radiate health.


Here are 10 organic restaurants we love: 


1: The Butcher's Daughter

Stepping into The Butcher’s Daughter is like taking a mini-vacation with food as fresh and colorful as it’s earthy decor. With restaurants in Nolita and West Village, take a break from your busy life to refuel the healthy way.

The Butcher's Daughter

Photo Credit: Rebecca Duke

Locations: 19 Kenmare St, New York.


2: Foragers Table

Foragers Table brings you an exquisite dining experience, showing you the luxurious side of farm to table. With delicious devilled eggs, king crabs, duck breasts, and seasons harvests, you'll want to keep coming back to try everything on the menu!


Location: 300 W. 22nd St, New York. 



3: Bareburger 

For those days you just want a burger with fries, try bareburgers organic, all natural burger patties. Gluten free, Hormone free, Antibiotic Free, Guilt free.

Bareburger Veggie burger

Locations: 535 LaGuardia Pl, New York



4: Cocoron

This cozy spot known for it is delicious broth-based soba noodles makes you appreciate the heat of the summer. Cold soba is good for the soul, especially at Cocoron, flavorful, rich, and not too greasy. With soba made of buckwheat, their comfort food will make you feel good, even after you’ve had seconds.


Location: 61 Delancy St #1, New York.



5: V spot

Latin American, Vegan, Gluten-free, full of flavor. There are not enough words to describe the delicious and wide array of organic foods at V Spot. Get all your favorite latin American staples, burritos, avocados, all vegan, all good!

V spot
Locations: 12 St Marks Pl, New York.



6: Lovely Day

Just as adorable as it’s name, lovely Day is a cafe that serves thoughtfully sourced Thai cuisine. Serving organic miso, pineapple fried rice, seared fish, come here expecting to be treated like family.

Lovely Day

Locations: 196 Elizabeth St, New York.



7: Egg Shop

Scrambled, fried, poached, in pancakes, in dessert, the best way to enjoy eggs is organic, and locally sourced. This pleasant little cafe’s menu revolves around one of life’s simple pleasures: the egg!

Egg Shop

Locations: 151 Elizabeth St, New York.



8: Stuyvesant Organic 

Delicious homemade food, Stuyvesant Organic puts a lot of love and care into the creation of their homemade food, add to the fact that it’s completely affordable, eating organic has never been any easier.

Locations: 536 E 14th St, New York.



9. House of Small Wonder

A modern Japanese brasserie, in Williamsburg Brooklyn, House of Small Wonder is a small cafe, serving Japanese specials, think organic vegetable curry, sashimi don, grilled salmon, as well as the usual brunch servings. Dine while enjoying the cozy, magical decor, (there’s a tree growing in the middle of the cafe!) making you feel like you’re having a secret brunch party.

House of Small Wonder

Locations: 77 N 6th St, Brooklyn.



10: Caravan of Dreams

Organic and vegan, Caravan of Dreams makes being healthy fun with their live music nights. Pair your Spanish Paella with the World music, your spinach Ravioli with Jazz. This is the perfect place to end your night, with healthy food like this, you’ll be ready to try this list all over again in the morning.

Caravan of Dream Organic restaurant

Locations: 405 E 6th St, New York.


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