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10 Sangria Recipes To Try This Summer




10 Sangria Recipes To Try This Summer



From simple to shwasted, try these 10 sangria recipes to have a splendid summer.


Sangria is the drink of the summer. It’s an easy drink to make and great in bulk. Bring it to a picnic, a bbq, a night in with the girls, really bring your pitcher of sangria anywhere, there’s no rules!


1: Simple Sangria



This is the basic sangria recipe. All you need are fruits, oranges, maybe a sweetener and liquor, and your choice of a red wine. An easy recipe that never fails. It’s a classic for a reason.


Check out this recipe from Minimalist Baker.



2: Watermelon Sangria



Bring a staple summer drink and a staple summer fruit together and you get a beautiful and delicious combination. Try this recipe on Delish



3: Red Room Sangria



This is a sexy sangria perfect for a hot summer night. Try this by a fireplace or snuggling up for a movie. Wink wink. The recipe is on Delish.



4: White Wine Sangria with Raspberry and Kiwi



You just need one bottle of white wine, kiwis, and raspberries. Serve chilled. Make this drink by Backroads and Barstools.



5: Spring Sangria



Try this unique recipe with rhubarb, strawberries, and a sparkling wine. The recipe is on Seasonal Sweetheart.



6: Fruity Moscato Sangria



This is a gorgeous drink to serve at a gathering or party. Filled with beautiful berries and slices of oranges, this pitcher is a definite conversation piece. Try this drink on Sweet and Savory by Shinee.


7: Black Cherry Sangria



Pineapple juice, cherry rum, and ginger ale make a sweet and strong sangria.

Get the Black Cherry Sangria recipe on One Sweet Mess.



8: Rosé Sangria with Mixed Berry Ice Ring



Time for some Rosé! Go the full length with this recipe with a beautiful mixed-berry ice ring as a garnish. Get this recipe on Food & Wine



9: Blackberry Vodka Sangria



This is a nice dark sangria with a strong shot of vodka to start your day off right. Make your own blackberry simple syrup to go with the drink! See how to make your own here.



10: Pineapple Mojito Sangria

Is it a mojito? Is it a sangria? Who care it’s alcohol! Make a delicious pitcher of this drink for an after-dinner dessert treat, and a pre-game starter. See the recipe on Kitchen Treaty.




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