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5 Affordable Accessories You Need For Your Minimalistic Home



5 Affordable Accessories You Need For Your Minimalistic Home



Accessories from Fancy, functional for every-day use, yet simple and artfully crafted.

Accessories are what make a house a home, check out our list of accessories that perfectly complement the rules of minimalism: functional, yet simplistic. We’ve picked our favorite ones from quirky little plant bookmarks to sophisticated slate coasters.


1: Slate Coaster Set $18


Slate Coaster Set

This coaster set is carved out of slate, how cool is that? Accentuate any table with these sleek, modern coasters to add an air of whimsical sophistication. Mounted with velvet, they can hold any drink and are quick to dry, they also make great decoration pieces when not in use.


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2: Half Pint Glass Creamer Carton $11



This is fashionable, minimalistic, and cute! If you start your day off using this creamer for your coffee, we guarantee it’s going to be a good day. Simple and elegant, these glass creamer cartons would make great gifts too.


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3: Handcarved Catchall Dishes


These beautiful wooden dishes make the perfect accessories to a minimalistic home. Featuring different shapes and sizes reflecting nature, bringing in an essence of peace to a would-be unorganized coffee table, or kitchen counter. Get creative, what would you put in these dishes?


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4: Classic Rectangle Wood LED Clock $70

If you need something minimalistic, zen, yet functional, look no further than the classic rectangle wood LED clock. This beautiful clock tells the time, and date, and serves as a great decoration piece. Place on a desk for good energy.


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5: Sprout Little Green Bookmarks $7


And for yourself, you need this little green bookmark to brighten up your day. This is a good re-invention of the classic bookmark because not only does it hold your page, but it’s small enough that you just have to place it by the line you were reading, you’ll never lose your place in a book again! It comes in pack of 4’s so keep one and gift the others to friends you read with :)


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