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5 Easy Tips To Curate An Ethical Capsule Wardrobe



5 Easy Tips To Curate An Ethical Capsule Wardrobe



Ethical closets are easier to curate than you think. Follow these easy tips to find out how


An ethical closet is one that is mindful. There’s nothing in there that you haven’t worn in years or wouldn’t wear. Everything is curated to make the perfect closet for you. Sounds like hard work, but it’s worth it in the end. Ethical closets are better for the environment, better for your peace of mind, and better on your body. Never again worry about what you’re going to wear, or whether your outfit is harming the environment. Here are five easy tips to curating an ethical closet.


Curating An Ethical Closet by SiiZU


1. Value The Clothes You Already Own


We’re starting with a full closet. Separate and organize your closet into clothes you wear almost everyday (work clothes or casual wear), then separate the rest into
high quality clothes and pieces you won’t wear or haven’t worn in forever.

The last part is a little hard but if you haven’t worn something for a couple years that’s a big indicator you won’t be wearing it again in the next few. Donate those clothes and let someone else enjoy them like you did once. If you really can’t donate them put them in a box. A few months from now you’ll realize you haven’t even looked or thought of those clothes, so drag that box to a Goodwill or Salvation army and make space for better clothes.

2. Shop Smart


Don’t be impulsive in your spending or buying. Look for clothes you know you will wear. This leads to our third point


3. Buy High Quality, Durable Clothes That Will Last Longer


When you start thinking about what you wear, you can afford to buy better clothes made from higher quality fabrics that can be ethical and eco-friendly. Look for tags that mention Tencel, or organic cotton and you won’t regret it. Not only will the clothes last longer, they look better, and feel better. No more sticky or toxic polyester.


4. Shop For Vintage, Second-hand Clothes


If you want high quality clothes but don’t like the price tags, check out your local vintage stores. I’ve found many treasures that I wear daily in these stores. A little secret, half of my 100% cashmere sweaters come from Goodwill.


5. Support Ethical Brands.


Last but not least, the biggest change of all: support your ethical brands. The fashion industry is still the second biggest polluter of the planet. Support ethical brands that promise to limit their carbon footprint, that donate to charities, or use 100% organic fabrics. This is a little more work for you but changing the world starts with one closet.

Don't just take it from me, see what Emma Watson has to say about sustainable fashion.


Have other tips and tricks? Share with fellow ethical fashion advocates in the comment section below.



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