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5 Eco-friendly Homes and Buildings Around The World



5 Eco-friendly Homes and Buildings Around The World



Here’s a quick roundup of our favorite eco-friendly buildings and homes.



Architecture is already an incredible field. Mixing design with functionality is the essence of it, now add in the current upwards trends of designing green, eco-friendly buildings, and we’ve got a whole new generation of architecture to enjoy. These are our favorite eco-friendly buildings and homes if you’ve got one, share with us in the comments below!



1: The Meera Sky Garden House-Location: Sentosa, Singapore



Tranquil gardens, sustainable materials, and thoughtful design come together in this gorgeous green home in Singapore. Designed by Guz Architects they used their environment to design a home that incorporated privacy while staying respectful of the space around them.



2: Floating House




Designed by Singapore based Dymitr Malcew, this house was born to cater to people’s freedom and love for nature. It’s designed to not be intrusive to the environment and embraces minimalism, which means the house is moveable and customizable. Perfect for travelers.


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3: The Tattuplex - Location: Silver Lake, LA



The Tattuplex is a famous building by the Silver Lake Reservoir. A gorgeous architectural feat, the house uses it’s unique angles and corners to the max. Smart storage repurposed stone, and prefabricated steel makes up this relaxing getaway.



4: Casa Torres - Location: Sierra Madre Mountains



By architect GLR Arquitectos, this modern but cozy home is situated in the Sierra Madre Mountains, in Monterrey, Nuevo León, México. It blends in beautifully with its surroundings, using natural materials such as marble, wood, and volcanic stone and opens up into a small oak forest.



5: Lättenstrasse estate - Location: Dietikon, Switzerland



This settlement was designed by Peter Vetsch and actually consists of several homes grouped around a lake. The homes use recycled glass for insulation and a protective layer of earth on top which can be used as a garden. By building into the earth, these homes have extra protection without using extra materials.



Do you have an eco-friendly architect or home you want to share? Let us know in the comments below!



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