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5 Ecofriendly and Natural Soap Bars

5 Eco-friendly and Natural Soap Bars

These soaps are great for your skin and the environment



There are so many ways we can improve our daily routines to be more eco-friendly and conscious of the world. Cleansing is just one of the ways we can start. Conventional soap contains many chemicals that enter the water, the air, and eventually makes its way into the natural world affecting many animals and habitats. Using natural soaps, you can ensure that you are not further contributing to the chemicals we put out into the world.


These soaps are made out of organic natural ingredients that are not only good for the environment but are more likely to be allergen-free, smell better (infused with fresh herbs and flowers), and make your skin softer (natural oils are much more beneficial to your skin).


Here are our top 5 eco-friendly natural soaps this month.

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Mt. Mazama Rogue Soap



These soaps are American-made, inspired by the Oregan Rogue River. It’s completely biodegradable, plus the packaging is so cute!


A Wild Soap Bar



Prepared with pure essential oils, wild herbs, and organic vegetable oil, these all-natural handmade soap bars are perfect for the eco-conscious.



Even Keel Soap Bars

These soap bars are great for the outdoors as they come in perfectly shaped travel sizes. Made out of natural ingredients including Cocoa and Shea Butter it’ll leave your skin feeling soft and plump. 

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Chagrin Valley - Soap & Salve 


These soaps boast skin-nourishing and long-lasting properties, using ingredients that are cold-processed which help preserve their natural benefits. They’re so great on your skin you’ll want to share. The many different varieties of soaps to choose from mean there will be plenty leftover to gift to friends and family.




This Rhode Island-based company makes natural organic soap bars. Their ingredients boast purified snow and rain, as well as fresh seasonal herbs and flowers. It will really be like washing in nature.

Share your favorite soap bars in the comments below and follow for more natural articles!




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