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5 Natural Glow Tips to Follow for the Summer




5 Natural Glow Tips to Follow for the Summer



Easily get that body glow with these natural tips.



Nothings screams summer like a gorgeous body glow. There are lots of ways to achieve it like with makeup, which is great. But why fake it when nature’s there. We know and you know that nature is better for you so, we’ve compiled a list of tips. From diet to lifestyle tips, natural is the way to go if you’re looking for that glow.



1: Eat Vegetables especially the leafy and orange colored ones




Research shows that a diet rich in leafy vegetables plus orange and yellow vegetables adds a warm glow to your skin.



2: Give your body time to rest





Sleep is nature's gift to us. Your body does a lot of work. Give it time to repair itself and it’ll thank you with a healthy glow.


3: Take cold showers for increased circulation




Who doesn’t love a hot shower! Well, Sorry. If you want that moisturized skin glow opt for a cold shower. It makes blood move around more and doesn’t dry out your skin.



4: Be Active




Get your blood moving by doing something active. If you can do it outdoors, even better. Circulation equals to skin glow.



5: Drink water and then drink more water




Getting your blood to around every part of your body is the key. Blood is nearly up to 80% water so, get drinking!



Which natural glow tips do you swear by?



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