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5 Natural Hangover Cures You’ll Need to Know For 2017




5 Natural Hangover Cures You’ll Need to Know For 2017


Natural hangover cures that are better for you than taking over the counter medicine!


It’s been a long holiday and we hope you all enjoyed it. And if you were enjoying it we know you’re going to need this list handy. Here are 5 natural hangover cures for the day after that are much much better than taking Advil or ibuprofen!


1: Drinks lots and lots and lots of water and sleep.



Doesn’t this look delicious? Drink up to get rid of those hangovers.

Fill up on H2O before you head to bed. Hangovers are 90% dehydration, so make sure you’re drinking lots of water while you’re drinking, or just chug a glass before you go to sleep. And in the morning, drink more water. We can’t recommend it enough. Water is the essence of life, and if you want to feel alive again after all that alcohol, fill up on delicious, refreshing, water!


2: Bananas




Go bananas for natural hangover cures!


Banana’s are one of the best natural hangover cures in that they’re gentle on your stomach, have the calories and sugar in them for a quick energy boost, and also contain heaps of potassium which you lose during drinking! Eat a banana in the morning and rest a little. You’ll feel better in no time.


3: Soup




To get all that goodness in one go make a delicious vegetable soup that you can just heat up and drink when you need a natural hangover cure. Lots of water, with all the minerals, vitamins, and calories to revitalize your body after a night of heavy drinking. Mix in some carrots, ginger, onions, potatoes, really just any vegetable you want and drink in all their goodness the morning of. Or just order delivery right from New York’s finest organic restaurants for delicious gourmet soup.


4: Ginger



Ginger tea is all around good for you. Drink some to relieve hangover symptoms naturally!


Ginger is amazing, it can treat nausea, soothe stomachs, and tastes good in food and tea. Chop up a few slices and put it in a cup of hot water with some lemon and honey to soothe your stomach and hydrate yourself. Breathe it in for some extra aromatherapy to relax your mind too. You can even plant your extra ginger scraps so that you have an endless supply of Ginger for natural hangover cures.


5: Tomatoes




Delicious and refreshing tomatoes are great natural hangover cures.

Tomatoes are delicious when drinking and also act as a natural hangover cure. Make a bloody Mary without the alcohol for a great hangover cure the day after drinking. Crush a few tomatoes which help with hydrating your body, mix in a little lime or lemon for flavor, and chug. The fructose in the tomatoes will break down the alcohol in your system and tastes pretty good after a night of drinking. For the best tomatoes, make sure you’re  buying them local at a farmer’s market! Check out these 5 farmer markets in New York for your fresh vegetables fix.


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  • Laurel Santos: May 30, 2017

    Great post! Never knew about these before. I usually suffer from hangover, will surely follow these. Thanks!

  • Hangover cure: March 14, 2017

    God this is hilarious!! Is this how it is – we really need this pill.

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