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5 wellness apps to help you be a better you in 2019



5 wellness apps to help you be a better you in 2019



Meditate, Relax, and Reenergize using these 5 self-help apps.


We’re always on our phones, and there’s going to be no escaping that. So to counter our extra productive and busy days, use these 5 apps to help you relax, be more mindful, meditate, and anything else you’d like to work on! Let’s start 2019 clear-headed, strong, and healthy.





This is an app that we’ve recently started using and love. Pick a module and let the calming narrator guide you through 10-12 minute meditations. You can pick modules that are designed to help you sleep better, think better, and organize your mind space better.



The Mindfulness App


This is a great app for all levels of meditators. As a beginner, the app is easy to navigate with plenty fo short guided meditations to help you ease into the practice. As a seasoned meditator, they also have plenty of 30 minute long meditations.





The brainchild of a Buddhist monk, meditation and mindfulness expert, Headspace gives you the ability to meditate using classes, videos, audio, and more. Pick from a variety of meditation topics to help you cope with understanding your thoughts and controlling them.



My Possible Self  


If mental clarity is one of your goals for 2019, My Possible Self is a great app to help you achieve that. As a respected mental health app, My Possible Self ensures that it creates helpful, effective guides. Listen to the many modules, track your performance, and capture any mood changes or improvements.




Sleep Cycle  


If you’re looking for an app specifically for sleep, try Sleep Cycle. It’s a super easy app to use that helps you track your habits and sleep cycles, giving you insight into your sleep health. By tracking your sleep you can see areas that you might need more attention on. Better sleep, a better week ahead!




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