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7 Feng Shui Tips To Help Re-energize Your Home



7 Feng Shui Tips To Help Re-energize Your Home



Simple feng shui practices to help your home’s energy flow freely.



A home is a reflection of who you are, and who you want to be. So when you organize your home, you’re organizing your life and your future. A healthy and happy home makes a healthy and happy person. These 7 feng shui tips will help re-energize and clear up your living space  



1: Keep The Front Entrance Free Of Clutter

This is where the energy enters from, so keep your front entrance area free and clear of clutter. No shrubbery, no shoes lying around, you want the space to feel welcoming and inviting.



2: Keep The Toilet Lid Closed

The bathroom is where the waste goes. Keep the area clean, and your toilet lid shut when flushing and when not in use to keep the waste from entering your area. A dark red or blue mat around the bathroom also helps brighten up the place and is known to protect your wealth.



3: Don’t Block Windows

Windows and doors help energy flow freely in and out of your home. Don’t place large furniture in front of windows. This allows light to enter your room and look more spacious, as well as keep the feng shui in your room flowing.



4: Stay Clean

Feng shui is peace of mind, so keep your home clean to keep your mind at peace. Throw away litter, don’t leave things lying around, keep up with laundry, and wash your dishes! You’ll find your stress decreasing when you don’t have to worry about cleaning your house.



5: Live With What You Love

This is a great lesson to learn from feng shui as it shares the same belief with being eco-friendly and living sustainably. Live with what you love, and learn about what you really want and need. Don’t buy things that will clutter your home. You’ll feel more at peace when everything in your home is something you love and need.


6: Cleanse Negative Energy With Essences

Sometimes when we argue or have a stressful thought, we associate the place we are at with those feelings. You don’t want negativity to linger in your home so cleanse it of negative energy by burning sandalwood or sage. Open up some windows to let in natural air and light to circulate.



7: Buy Furniture That’s Good For Your Health

The home should be where you feel most comfortable. So take note of where you spend the most time, is it your desk? Your bed? And invest in proper furniture that’s good for your body.



What do you find helps you when reorganizing your home? Share your feng shui tips in the comments below.



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