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7 Vegan Or Raw Breakfast Recipes You’ll Want To Try




7 Vegan Or Raw Breakfast Recipes You’ll Want To Try



The more color on your plate the better!



Colorful foods make the best and healthiest breakfasts. Add a pop of purple, or red, to brighten up your day. Check out these insta-worthy meals that are great for starting your day off right. Plus the raw ingredients means it’s fresh and fantastic for your health.


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1: Fruity Breakfast Pizza



Never feel guilty for eating pizza for breakfast when it looks like this. Sprinkle


2: Wholewheat Purple Carrot Cake



We don’t know if it’s the purple carrots or the sweet honey cream cheese that has us crawling back to this delicious cake almost daily. This magical recipe is the baby of Matter Of The Belly and Sahra of Foragers & Co who collaborated on making a beautiful and healthy carrot cake.


3: Banana Buckwheat Vegan Smoothie Bowl



Instead of drinking your smoothie out of a cup, pour it in a bowl to fully appreciate the beauty of your fresh fruits. Try this banana buckwheat smoothie bowl by vegan hugs for a fresh and pretty breakfast.


4: Strawberry, Vanilla, & Pistachio Raw Buckwheat Porridge



You will not find a more colorful porridge than Under A Lemon Tree’s recipe for a strawberry, vanilla, raw buckwheat porridge. The sweet and nutty porridge uses raw sprouted buckwheat which adds a tasty crunch to the meal. Garnish with pistachios and bee pollen for an energy that will last the entire day.




5: Vegan Breakfast Tacos



There’s never a wrong time for tacos. This recipe by Minimalist Baker uses fresh avocados and pomegranate for a bright and tasty breakfast. Sprinkle some parsley and beans for a mix of sweet and herbal.



6: Matcha Breakfast Pizza



Add a little green to your morning using healthy matcha as your main ingredient. Matcha is known for its antioxidants and helping your mind stay sharp and focused. Add some bananas to your ‘pizza’ and some yummy nuts and berries and you’ll be energized and ready for those Monday meetings. See the recipe on Breakfast Criminals.


7: Apple Buckwheat Pancakes With Coconut Caramel Apples



Ending our list with the most classic breakfast meal: the pancake. Try this vegan-friendly recipe by Cocoon Cooks for a sweet and healthy take on the classic dish. Don’t those coconut caramel apples look heavenly?


Did you try out these recipes? Let us know what you like to eat for breakfast!






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