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8 DIY Bath Bomb Recipes You Can Make At Home



8 DIY Bath Bomb Recipes You Can Make At Home



October Has The Perfect Weather For Baths & Bath Bombs



Bath bombs have been a craze since they started. You can find a ball of essence, powders, flowers, glitter, you name it, there’s a bath bomb made out of it. So to truly know what you’re putting in your bath, and on your body, it’s safest to make your own. Check out these 8 recipes that you can easily follow to make your very own unique bath bomb. 





Kate uses epsom salts, baking soda, essential oils, and coconut oil to create these fresh-smelling bath bombs. Check out the end of her post where she gives you excellent combinations for a relaxing and enjoyable bath. 



Carina Stewart - How To Make Bath Bombs (Youtube)



Carina created this educational and easy-to-follow video to help us all make affordable bath bombs at home! Check out her channel for more fun DIY videos.



Inspired By Charm - DIY Bath Bombs



These gorgeous bath bombs kind of look like ice cream in their pretty pastel colors, but are actually mini spa-experiences you can have in your own bath.



I Heart Nap Time - DIY Orange Bath Bombs



These adorable flower-shaped bath bombs use actual orange zest to give you a sweet smelling bath bomb! They make perfect gifts, or to use for yourself.



The Makeup Dummy - Geode Inspired Bath Bomb



Mixing both the bath bomb trend and geode trend together gives you this beautiful looking bath bomb that looks like it has crystals inside of it. With just a few ingredients, you could make one at home too!



Beauty Crafter: Mermaid Bath Bombs



If glitter is your thing, you can’t pass up this gorgeous mermaid bath bombs. As the title suggests just one of these balls will transform your bath into a magical sparkling sea



Everything Etsy - Lush Inspired Bath Bomb



A mix of lavender, lemon and peppermint make these pretty little bath bombs by Everything Etsy.



Fable Naturals - Natural Bath Bombs



Fable Naturals recipe features witchhazel and jojoba to make her natural bath bombs. Add in your favorite fresh botanicals as well as some essential oils, and you’ve got the perfect bath bombs.


After your bath see how you can get a natural glow with these 5 tips.



Did you make your own bath bomb? Show us in the comments for a chance to be featured!





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