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8 Simple and Inexpensive DIY Home Spa Treatments



8 Simple and Inexpensive DIY Home Spa Treatments



First, an absolute must have for any household is olive oil, and organic coconut oil. Not only are they amazing for cooking, they do miracles on your hair, skin, mood, and overall well-being.

Extras are essential oils that you can save for perfuming your room, or adding a few drops on your sheets for better sleep. This is our list of a basic DIY spa therapy that anyone can do, no more fancy oils, expensive trips to the salon, or tiny bottles of moisturizer.


1: Deep penetrating hair conditioning




Coconut oil is the best remedy for dry, or curly hair. Massage evenly from your scalp to the tips, and leave on overnight. For extra absorption sleep in a shower cap. It adds shine, and an unbelievable softness you’ll want to try this every night.


2: Remove dark skin spots




Rub a freshly cut lemon slice on dark spots of your skin like dry knees or elbows, (and even underpits!) to soften the skin and lighten the darkened areas. Make sure you don’t have any open cuts or it’ll sting!


3: Facial Moisturizing




Extra Virgin Olive Oil is amaaazing for the skin and health. Rub a few teaspoons onto your freshly cleaned face and neck, pre-moisturizer, for an intense moisturizing session that will make leave your skin soft and young.


4: Instant Pedicure




Don’t have time for a much-needed pedicure? Fill a bucket with warm water, add a few drops of your favorite essential oils, rose petals, and any other aromatherapeutic ingredients. Let soak for a few minutes, then scrub with a sugar, honey and olive oil mixture to exfoliate, and soak again. Your skin will be smooth and smell divine.


5: Relaxing home spa bath




For the perfect post-work spa bath, make a quick mixture of one part sea salt, two parts baking soda, and one part Epsom salts. Add in whatever essential oils you want (chamomile is great for relaxing) and pour into a warm bath. Sit, soak, and feel the stress melt away.


6: Steam facials




Ever felt like throwing away your used green tea bags were a waste, now you can use them to give yourself a hydrating facial. Boil water and let it steep in the teabags, the water needs to be hot enough to steam for about 5 minutes. Place a towel over your head and carefully let the steam rise onto your face. (The towel keeps the steam from escaping too fast.) Your pores will open, allowing for deep cleaning and the green tea helps by infusing the steam with antioxidants, great for regenerating skin cells.


7: Remove dark puffy under-eyes




Another way to re-use those green tea bag is to keep some left over tea with the bags in the fridge, and when needed use them directly, or dip some cotton balls in them to de-puff your eye bags! The caffeine tightens your skin, while the antioxidants and nutrients of the green tea regenerate and give you back the nutrients you need.


8: Lip Scrub




Mix some honey and sugar, which is not only good for exfoliating skin, but for lips too! Leave on for a few minutes, then scrub away for smooth plump kissers.


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