Benefits of Jade Rolling and How To Use One

Benefits of Jade Rolling and How To Use One

Benefits of Jade Rolling and How To Use One



Jade-rolling has been around for centuries but is recently making a huge comeback. Originating from Chinese history: jade rollers were often used by the wealthy. Chinese women would (and still do) use precious jade stones on their faces as part of their intensive beauty treatments. Years and years later, we’ve come from using jade rocks, with specialized tools to incorporate into our daily routines.

The Jade Roller - What Is It?



A tool used in massage and therapeutic routines. There’s a handle for you to grip it better, and attached to the end is a rolling jade stone. You can run it across your face or body to help relax muscles.

Benefits of Jade Rolling

Reduce Puffiness and Inflammation
The main benefit of jade rolling is its ability to reduce puffiness and inflammation in the face. It stimulates the lymphatic system, encouraging the flow to help reduce stress on the skin.

Stimulate Collagen
The stimulation also aids the skin in creating more collagen helping your skin stay taut and youthful.

Calm Your Complexion
By reducing inflammation and encouraging blood flow, your complexion naturally calms down. After a few jade roll sessions, you’ll find that you have a more even skin tone around your face.

Tighten Pores
With a cold jade roller, you can tighten pores which in turn calms your complexion even further.

How to Jade Roll on the Face


Make sure your face is thoroughly cleaned, and your jade roller too. For better results, put your jade roller in the freezer for a few minutes to cool down the stone. Once cold, place the roller in the center of your face starting under your eyes. Roll up and away from the face. Repeat on the other side.

Repeat the movement under the cheekbones, guiding the roller up and away from your face.

Next, repeat on the chin and jaw. This is where muscles can be tenser, so spend a few more rolls on the area if you want to extend your massage.

Repeat morning and night and you should notice changes in a few weeks. Be sure to be gentle, never roll roughly back and forth as the skin on the face is more sensitive, softly move the roller up and away from the face. To incorporate it with the rest of your beauty routine you can apply your oils or moisturizer on your face before you roll. The jade will help massage the product into your skin.

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