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Best 5 Hidden Coffee Stops in NYC



Best 5 Hidden Coffee Stops in NYC


To all caffeine-addicts, here are our favourite hidden coffee spots in New York.



1: Maman NYC

Maman has two branches, one in Tribeca, one in Soho, both delicate, quiet, and transformative. Come here to lose yourself in their leafy decorations, wonderfully prepared food, and of course freshly brewed coffee. The people that frequent these spots keep to themselves understand that it’s a best-kept secret, and why that makes this place all the more magical. 

maman Cafe NYC



2: Ground Support Cafe


For something low-key but still social, try Ground Support Cafe, a coffee shop with outdoor spaces, communal tables, and a beautiful blend of espresso beans they create in-house.


Ground Support Cafe NYC



3: Sweetleaf

 Although Williamsburg has turned into one huge coffee shop, Sweetleaf stands out with its rustic design. The crowd comes here for their coffee roaster, leaving satisfied with the flavour, atmosphere, and service. Get their espresso shots to taste the difference between their coffee beans!


Sweet Leaf Cafe NYC



4: Happy Bones

 For a quick stop of coffee without any of the fancy flair, stop by Happy Bones. A minimalistic coffee shop serving fresh, delicious coffee. The decor leaves you relaxed, and when you leave with your coffee you feel cleansed, reborn.


Happy Bones Cafe NYC



5: TOMS New York


Toms has taken it one level further from donating shoes, working with fair-trade coffee farmers, with each coffee you buy, Toms helps a community get access to clean water. They also sport a beautifully decorated community cafe lounge, where you could easily spend an entire day, working from their comfortable soft couches, surrounded by  soft drapes, hidden in a little garden in the back of their Tom’s store. 




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