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Creating Your Own Mini Indoor Compost Heap



Creating Your Own Mini Indoor Compost Heap



No More Wasting Kitchen Scraps!



When I think of compost heaps, I usually imagine a huge mountain of soil in a backyard. However, since moving to New York, I’ve noticed apartments are a lot smaller, there’s no backyards, and definitely no space for a huge compost heap. What there is space for, however, is a mini compost heap that works just as well under your kitchen sink or on a balcony. Follow these steps to see how you can make a small compost heap out of kitchen scraps. The result is a fresh, beautiful, healthy compost you can add to your plants or flowers to help them thrive.  


1: Make The Bin


Find a metal or plastic container for your scraps. Metal will be better to keep smells out! The size depends on just how big you want it. Pick a bin that suits your needs. Use a drill to make a couple holes on the bottom of the bin. Or buy one online! There’s plenty of options out there.


Check out Ecokarma’s list of best compost bins.



2: Place In A Tray


Find a good spot for your compost heap, most people like to keep it under their sink for easy access and to keep it out of the way! Place the bin in a plastic tray to keep any liquids from seeping out.



3: Add Dirt, Scraps, and Paper 


Now for the fun part! Add in a layer of shredded wet newspaper, or wet paper scraps. Add a layer of dirt. Then throw in your scraps!



4: Scraps You Can Use


There are certain scraps that should NOT go in your compost heap! These include animal waste, or anything that has touched oil or fat. These products rot differently and will cause your compost bin to start smelling. Vegetable peelings, fruit cores, banana peels, tea bags and coffee are great for the compost heap.



5: Compost Heap Care



If your compost does start to smell, it’s probably too wet. Throw in some more dry newspaper strips to let it soak up a little. For every layer of scraps you add in, layer it with more dry newspaper too. Once the compost is filled up and starts smelling earthy and crumbly, you can add it to your soil for a healthy thriving garden.


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