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DIY Natural Hair Masks For Winter



DIY Natural Hair Masks For Winter



6 DIY Hair Masks To Try This Winter


Winter is a harsh month for our skin and hair. The dryness and cold can cause breakage, lost shine, and greasy hair. Luckily, it’s easy to whip up a couple different hair masks with food and products you can find lying around your home.  


Avocado and egg mask for shine 

Avocado isn’t just delicious it is great for your hair too. Mash half an avocado up (without the pit or skin!) add an egg yolk and mix into your hair when wet. Leave on for 15 - 20 minutes, then wash it out with shampoo. The rich fatty acids in avocados add a natural shine to your hair. Repeat this mask weekly to repair damaged hair.



Coconut milk for hair growth and moisturizing 

Grab some organic coconut milk from your grocers and use it as a hair mask! The vitamins niacin and folate are great for hair growth. The vitamin e in coconut milk will also help with dryness, moisturizing your hair from root to tip.


Lemon Juice & White Vinegar Scalp Exfoliator  

Use the juice of a fresh lemon with equal amount white vinegar on your scalp to help exfoliate and remove dandruff.



Oil Hair Mask 

Rub healthy oils like olive, jujube, or coconut oils into your hair to renourish and rejuvenate. Dampen your hair, and apply from roots massaging into your scalp. Let sit for 30 minutes in humidity then wash out. You’ll come out with beautiful shiny hair.



Mayonnaise Mask  

Mayonnaise is a great and delicious way to add health and shine back into your hair. Rub the condiment into your hair and let sit for an hour before washing out. All the protein from the eggs helps soften your hair.



Warm Beer Mask  

This is a great mask for when you have a leftover beer. Mix 3 tbs of beer with some warm water. After showering, rub into your hair and rinse off after a couple of minutes.




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