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Easy Vegan Easter Recipes



Easy Vegan Easter Recipes



Delicious Easter Recipes For Vegans


This easter give up meat and animal products by going vegan. These gorgeous and delicious recipes should be enough to convince you!  


Vegan Nut Cheese


Who doesn’t love a cheese platter? What about a home-made cheese platter? Your friends and family will definitely appreciate a DIY cheese and it’s a fun thing to make. Using a mix of macadamia and cashews, you can make this repeatedly and use your cheese as little gifts. Make your own nut cheese here.



Vegan Deviled Potato Bites


These delicious bite-sized appetizers look just like the classic deviled eggs but are completely vegan! They’re easy to make and absolutely delicious. Try the recipe here.



Warm Carrot and Adzuki Bean Salad


Warm salads have been such a hit recently. Try one at home with this delicious warm carrot and adzuki bean salad. Both sweet and spicy, it’ll be a delight at dinner. Try the salad here.

Layered Mushroom and Cannellini Bean Vegan Easter Pie


These pies can be a beautiful main dish and easily customizable! Add in your favorite vegetables to spruce it up and there you go, a great vegan Easter dish - easy as pie! Try the recipe here.


Creamy Polenta With Roasted Cherry Tomatoes, Mushrooms, and Spanish


For a dish you can share, try this polenta dish. Similar to mashed potatoes but with layers of flavor, it can also act as a cold salad. Check out the recipe here.



Vegan Maamoul


For another Easter classic turned vegan, try this recipe for vegan Mammoul. Mammoul is a classic Lebanese Easter cookie usually eaten with tea or coffee. Try the recipe here.



Vegan Carrot Cake


Finish off your vegan Easter meal with a themed vegan carrot cake. This cake really accentuates the carrots in your dish, so don’t feel guilty if you reach for a second slice. See the recipe here.



Easter Cheesecake Pascha


If carrot cake isn’t your cake, try this creamy cheesecake Pascha by Nutriplanet. Traditionally made with cottage cheese, eggs, sugar, cream, and butter, you can substitute all of that for this vegan rendition. See the recipe here.


Not sure what to do with leftover ingredients? Try these DIY hair masks


Did you try any of these dishes? Share your favorite in the comments below



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