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How To Grow An Eco-friendly Indoor Garden

How To Grow An Eco-friendly Indoor Garden

5 helpful tips on keeping your indoor garden green



1: Start Your Own Compost Heap


With just a simple bin, you can create your very own compost heap. This is a great way to reuse food waste, or plant waste (dead leaves/flowers) and create something super useful.


Read more about making your own compost heap here.



2: Keep Old Plastic Containers


While it’s always best to not buy plastic, when you do happen across it, at least reuse it. The plastic containers that you buy your plants in can be useful when replanting, or repotting other smaller plants. We usually reuse them to germinate seeds and hold smaller plants or succulents. You can also paint over them or decorate them if you don’t like how they look!



3: Reuse Cooking Water


Save the water that you boil your vegetables in! Plants love the extra minerals or starch that have been soaked into the water. Just make sure that you DO NOT have salt in the water, and that it has cooled down to room temperature or lower before you water your plants. Other foods that are great for plants are shrimps and egg shells.



4: Reuse Tea Leaves


we brew tea daily, so always have a plethora of tea leaves lying around. Sometimes we dry them out to keep in my room as a dehumidifier, sometimes we throw them in my compost heap, and sometimes we mix them into the soil of my plants to give them a nutritious boost. Each time we brew we never let the tea leaves go to waste, there are too many ways to reuse them!



5: Reuse Old Makeup or Paint Brushes


Cleaning your cacti or succulents can be a difficult task, they’re spiky, and can be sensitive to touch. But use your old makeup brushes or old paintbrushes and it’ll be easy and pain-free! Make sure your brushes are clean beforehand, then just brush your plants to clear any dust on them.




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