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How to Make Your New York Apartment Feel Less Cramped




How to Make Your New York Apartment Feel Less Cramped



Minimalist Concepts To Make Your New York Apartment Feel Less Cramped

The key concept behind minimalist designs is the opening of space. You want your area to feel airy, you want the light to flow and your eyes to relax. The basic minimalist design starting points are large windows, white walls, ‘clean’ furniture. But sometimes you don’t have a choice. Living in Manhattan means 2 bedroom apartments that 5 people live in. Old plumbing. Sometimes you don’t even have windows. So what do you do to make your lovely NYC home feel less cramped? Just follow these minimalist concepts to clear out the clutter and your mind.



Neutral Base Tones Help Create A Clean Starting Point.


Neutral Bases help make your New York apartment feel less cramped.

You want most eye-level things to be longer and white. This helps the eye align and feels smooth and open. This is creating a neutral base, as MyDomaine suggests. A quick tip: "A space with lots of natural light is likely to look warmer, so you can use a cooler shade of white to balance the room. Rooms that are artificially lit with LED or fluorescent lighting can look cool, so go warmer." Go with whites that counter the lighting in the room. This sounds daunting but it’s pretty simple. Go with blue whites in a natural lighting, or go for redder whites in blue lighting. Just ask someone in the store about the undertones, it’s a common question and makes all the difference.

From this you can build up and start adding in all your favorite furniture.


Mirrors Are The New Windows.


Mirrors make your New York apartment feel less cramped.


The biggest shock to me when moving to New York was the lack of windows in apartments! Luckily, in a city like New York there’s no shortage of mirrors either. So make do with what you have. Place large mirrors or hanging mirrors behind the couch or on empty walls to help elongate the room and make it seem bigger and lighter.

The best thing about that neutral base is that it gives you an option to explore with your accessories. Get a mirror with a gold frame, silver, or wood, and it’ll blend in perfectly with your neutral backdrop. Or accent it in a vintage blue or even a modern neon to change up the feel of your room!



How do I get that accessories aesthetic?


Accessorizing in New York Apartments


Do minimalists accessorize? YES. But in a visually appealing way. Think outside the box when it comes to decorating your table top or walls. You don’t want to mess with the clean lines you’ve worked hard on achieving, but you also want to add in some personality to the bland whites.

First off: photographs or paintings. One of my favorite ways to accessorize a home is using a hardware cloth or welded wire wall. This goes well with any woodsy rustic theme and will look great next to a light or mirror. Hang up your favorite paintings or post-cards with some clips and you’ve got yourself a beautiful DIY decorated wall. The best part is you can change it up whenever you’re bored, I go through 3 to 4 different ‘walls’ a month.


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De-cluttering your books.



De-cluttering your books for a less cramped apartment


This is also another fun way to decorate. It helps add in heaps of personality but is still just as functional and visually pleasing. Stick with the neutral base for the bookshelf color as it’s the books and decoration pieces that are going to add in the accents. There’s so many different ways you can go with books and stationery. Try stacking them vertically, horizontally, and placing a few on top of each other. Keep in mind bookshelves aren’t just for books. Add in a few of your favorite accessories like a pretty vase, cameras, little succulents and just keep building up until it makes you happy. Check out Strand Bookstore discount shelves for cheap books under $1 that can help build up your collection.


There’s Feng-shui in Functionality


Functional Ottomans help de-clutter your apartment

While the focus so far has been on visual a large part of minimalism is the functionality of pieces. While you want to clear out your area, you’re going to need a place to put your things! Opt for a mirror that opens up to hold jewelry. Or a plush ottoman in the living room that can store extra blankets, wires, pots, pans whatever you have lying around that has no place to go.

Do you have any tips on creating a minimalist home? Share in the comments below.




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