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Organic Farming, Plant Your Own Meal



Organic Farming, Plant Your Own Meal


Here is a quick rundown of some of the things you can easily plant in your kitchen or garden, to accentuate your lunch! Eating sustainably is good for the environment, and even better for your wallet.


1: Cilantro

Cilantro Organic farming organic food

Image source: LivingStrong


Maybe we are just biased but we think Cilantro goes so well with anything. Add it to a sandwich, or salad, it’s even good in Ice-cream! The best part is, it’s so easy to regrow from scraps. Just place the bottom of the stem in a glass of water in a bright well-lit area. Once the roots start to grow, transfer them to a pot and get new cilantro whenever you want!


2: Peppers and Chillis

Peppers and chillis farm to table

These ones are super easy too. Just scrape off the seeds inside the plants and place in a pot of soil. Leave in sunlight and water every so often, and you’ll have a chilli plant in no time!


3: Garlic

Garlic From farm to table organic


Essential for lunch. Plant a clove with the roots facing downwards in a pot of soil. Once the shoots start showing, cut them off and a new bulb will appear! Re-plant as many times as you want.


4: Lemongrass

Lemongrass farm to table organic how to plant

Image source:


Not only are these delicious but they look so cute in a kitchen. Just place the roots in a cup or jar of water and they’ll grow in about a week. I like to add them to cracked egg shells to make it look like hairs growing out of a face.


5 : Ginger

ginger detox farm to table

image source:


Since the whole plant is a root, you just need any part of it to plant in soil. New shoots and roots will start growing and you pull them up and re-use whenever! (I like to put thin slices of ginger in my green tea, with a drop of honey and lemon. Amazing for relaxing and ending the night.)


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