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SiiZU’s Guide to Chelsea


SiiZU’s Guide to Chelsea 

Discover neighborhoods with SiiZU, find things to see, eat, and do in Chelsea.

Located on the west side of Manhattan, Chelsea. Surrounded by Hell’s Kitchen, Garment District, and Meatpacking, it’s no wonder Chelsea is full of personality and things to do. Start your day off with coffee for the energy to sightsee, then head to happy hour, and finish off with a delicious dinner.



1: Cafe Grumpy 

Cafe Grumpy  New York

cr: SometimesICrave  

Cafe Grumpy is independently owned and located in four different area of New York. With a no laptop policy, it encourages you to be in the moment, enjoy the coffee, refresh your mind before the long day of activities await.


Location:224 W 20th St



  • 2: Intelligentsia Coffee
  • Intelligentsia Coffee New York

    cr: MeltingButter


    Situated in the High Line Hotel, Intelligentsia is known for their back patio, a beautifully decorated place for iced mochas or a quiet cup of hot coffee. Come for the ambiance, stay for the melt-in-your-mouth brownies. Intelligentsia is the place people are talking about when they say they escape New York for a while.


    Location: 180 10th Ave, NY




  • 3: Kava
  • kava Cafe  New York


  • Kava has the best breakfast in Chelsea: fluffy pancakes, homemade muffins, great coffee, and a view of the highline. It’s close to the Whitney and a great place to relax in their midcentury-like designs, and refuel while people watching.




    To See


  • 1: Highline park
  • highline park  New York

     cr: FieldOperations 

    Besides people watching, another great place for seeing things is the Highline Park. The Highline Park is an old unused railroad line turned into a 1.45-mile-long park. The high line features free events every week like stargazing Every Tuesday, hosted by Amateur Astronomers Association of New York. They also have ice cream, coffee, and a bar located in the middle, a great place to hang out, enjoy the views of the park and the luxury apartments surrounding it.


    2: Art gallery streets 

    Art gallery streets  New York

     cr: archdaily
  • The best part of Chelsea is the rows and rows of art galleries. Check out website for a comprehensive list of all the galleries that you can check off as you go. 

    Read more on the art exhibitions you have to visit this season.



  • 3: Chelsea Market
  • Chelsea Market New York

     cr: WoodSnap

     Chelsea Market is located underneath the High Line and consists of delicious organic restaurants, shopping centers, and offices like Google, Youtube, Food Network and more. It’s a place that even native New Yorkers still go to because the food is that good, the history that rich, and atmosphere that welcoming. This is a place you can spend an entire day, but there’s still so much more to do in Chelsea!

     Location: 75 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011  



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  • 1: The Half King

    The Half King bar New York

    cr: image


    The Half King is owned by writers and it shows. This literary cafe is stocked with books and pairs your drinks and foods with readings and photos. During warmer days check out their backyard, but during colder months, their interior made out of salvaged lumber is perfectly warm and inviting. A must-visit for bookworms.


    Location: 505 W 23rd St A, New York, NY 10011



  • 2: Gallow Green
  • Gallow Green New York

    cr: xsmlfashion


    What’s New York without rooftop bars. Gallow Green is Chelsea’s lushest bar. Decked out in beautiful greens, mingled in with the railroads, and of course the views of New York, this is a must-see place as well as a place to order drinks.


    Location:542 W 27th St, New York, NY 10001



  • 3: Sid Gold's Request Room
  • Sid Gold's Request Room New York

     cr: Tumblr image


    For a little extra ambiance, try Sid Gold’s Request Room, a piano bar situated on 165 W 26th St in Chelsea. Drink delicious cocktails while experiencing live piano karaoke for an electric night. You’ll be teleported to another time.


    Location: 165 W 26th St, New York, NY 10001




  • 1: Westville Chelsea Place
  • Westville Chelsea Place New York

    cr: maryseeo


    Chelsea Place is a casual eatery serving fresh produce and locally sourced vegetables. The price is decent, and the food is good, it’s a perfectly quaint place to wind down your night. Their crispy vegan quinoa / artichoke burger is a must-try!


    Location: 246 W 18th St, New York, NY 10011



  • 2: Toro
  • Toro New York

    cr: Toro-NYC


    Toro serves traditional tapas but is a place to impress. With a menu filled with bone marrow, sea urchin and Foie gras, this is a place to go when you want to end the night with a bang! Toro is bursting with exquisite flavors, elegant decor (sky-high ceilings), and trendy hip crowds.


    Location: 85 10th Ave, NY



  • 3: La Sirena Ristorante
  •  La Sirena Ristorante New York

    cr: La Sirena


    Described as an ‘oasis getaway’ this is chef Mario Batale‘s Chelsea trattoria restaurant. La Sirena serves delicate Italian food paired with astounding service, impressive for a restaurant that seats 300! Situated in the Maritime hotel, you get the real bustle of New York with a Chelsea personality, a great place for pasta and a perfect place to truly feel the essence of dining in New York.
    Location: 88 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011



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