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SiiZU’s Guide to The Lower East Side



SiiZU’s Guide to The Lower East Side



Discover neighbourhoods with SiiZU, find things to see, eat, and do in LES.

The second you hear the bustling shoppers, happy-hour-goers, dinner-reservationists, you know you’ve ventured into the Lower East Side. Once infamously overcrowded, it’s not become the place to go for things to eat, drink, and see.





1: Roasting Plant


Roasting Plant Cafe LES



This cafe boasts having the best beans in New York. Come in to pick your favourite flavour or even a custom-made blend. While it’s small, the wait is worth it, order your beans and watch their Javabot blend and grind.


81 Orchard St, NY



2: RISE Coffee


RISE Coffee



Set in a clothing boutique, RISE Coffee serves a nitro cold-brew to give you the much-needed boost to make it through the rest of your day in LES. Mellow, tasty, and gives you a perfect buzz in energy without the caffeine jitters. Pick from their alternatives to milk: almond, cashew.


Location: 85 Stanton St, New York


3: Boba Guys


Babo Tea LES



Yes, We do consider Boba lattes as coffee. Boba guys has an amazing array of delicious teas, blends, lattes, and of course bobas. Fuel up on matcha which is known to give a better feeling of energy without the crash.


Location: 23 Clinton St, New York



To See


1: Koneko



Koneko Cat Cafe NYC


Koneko is America’s first Japanese cat cafe, while it is a little pricey, it’s a great first date or place to bring friends you haven’t seen in a while. Never run out of things to talk about or do in the cafe with friendly cats purring to play with you!



Location: 26 Clinton St, New York



2: Galeria



A food, smoothies, and coffee cafe that displays a wide array of Brazilian art and culture. Don’t forget to ask about the history and artists behind the pieces, the staff are super friendly and love to help. Get an acai bowl, with a side of pesto tofu tapioca sandwich (?!) Let us know how it tastes!


Location: 43 Clinton St, New York


3: ABC No Rio




ABC No Rio is a hidden gem, punk, graffiti, and a hardcore ode to the 90’s. ABC is a reminiscent of being a teenager in New York, and even of LES ‘back in the day’.


Location: 156 Rivington Street. NY


Happy hour


1: La Contenta



If you’re in the mood for authentic Mexican, La Contenta is the perfect place to venture into. Fresh tortillas to order, tacos margaritas, and a happy hour! Most things on their menu end up being $8, but for good (and I mean really good) Mexican food this is where you need to be.


Location: 102 Norfolk St, New York


2: Excuse my French




A beautiful cozy wine bar serving organic 2 for 1 wines during happy hour? Excuse my french, but Santé!  Stop by from 4:00 - 8:00PM to check out their charming decor, charming staff, and great food.


Location: 96 Orchard St, New York


3: The Lucky Bee




The Lucky Bee serves yummy Asian fusion, Thai, and delicious cocktails. This colourful place offers dollar oysters for happy hour, as well as half-priced chicken wings, which Lucky Bee makes fresh and juicy, not your usual greasy bar food.


Location: 252 Broome St, New York




1: Simple




Simple has the best vegetarian tofu bowl in the lower east side. Simple’s Poke bowls are delicious, nutritious, and healthy! This is a great place for dinner because their hearty and customizable bowls will leave you feeling full but energized for the rest of the night.


Location : 109 Eldridge St. NY



2: Wildair




Wildair is casual and intimate, but serves delicious, sophisticated, shareable plates. For example, their roman lettuce wedges are sprinkled with pistachio, called little gem lettuces, give a perfect crunch as an appetizer, but is definitely something you could eat all night.


Location: 142 Orchard St, New York


3: Jadi’s


jadisnyc Jadis New York Restaurant LES



Jadi’s has an intimate setting that is well decorated, giving off a romantic secret vibe. Pair your French organic wine with some olives, artisanal cheese or charcuterie from France and Spain for a perfect end to your night.


Location: 42 Rivington St, New York


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