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SiiZU's Guide to Green Living




SiiZU's Guide to Green Living




Wanting to go more "Green"  is one thing, actually making changes is another thing.

Our lives are filled with so many objects, we often get overwhelmed and do not know where to start.

So here are some tips and suggestions where to start making changes in your life.


1: Start declaring your positions


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I’m sure everyone, ( and with this I mean eeeeveryone), read the famous Mari Kondo Book of "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying." Decluttering your positions will not only make your life more simple, but it will give you an idea of what exactly you have and need, preventing you from excessive buying. Plus you will realize how little things you actually need to have your dream home surrounded by the things you truly love.


2: Choose Options That Waste less



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Striving to go straight up to a zero waste living might not be for everyone, instead, let's think how you can have a "waste less" living.



Try buying groceries from markets that sell in bulk. Start buying locally and see if you can bring your own or reuse their containers.


Disposable to Reusable

Think what you put into your garbage and consider if there is a reusable alternative to any of those disposables.

For example, replacing plastic water bottles with a reusable water bottle. Using tote bag for your groceries instead of getting plastic "Thank You" bags. You could even swap your tampons or pads to menstrual cups and cotton cloth pads for that time of the month. You might even be overwhelmed at first by the choices of alternatives that are out the internet. However, it is very important to start slowly and make sure whatever change you make in your life is manageable for you to adopt and continue.


3: Have You Considered The Impact of Your Laundry?



Let’s talk about that weekly laundry for a second.

According to a study of Chesty Bonds, 80% of the energy consumption of clothes happens during customer use of washing, drying, and ironing.


Wash Less

Do we have to wash every clothing item after wearing it out just once?


Air dry your laundry

Instead of using a dryer, Air-dry your clothes. Air drying might take more time but will save you money and avoid ruining your favorite blouses.


Examine your laundry detergent  

Laundry detergent contained chemicals that will not only damage the environment as well as the human body. Avoid these chemicals by using natural laundry detergents or even DIYing your own.


4:  “Unique” not “Ugly” 


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Food waste is a serious problem, especially in Developed countries. While there are various reasons why the food is going to waste, one reason is that it doesn’t look perfect. So instead of striving for perfection, why not share the love to all shapes and colors of veggies and fruits. All these veggies are perfectly delicious, and we all deserve a little love and a hint of uniqueness in our lives!


There are some places in the city where you can get these tasty unique looking produces. Some even do events about urban farming. Take a friend and try something new, it might even end up becoming a new hobby of yours. (or not)


  • Gotham Green:
  • Local Roots NYC:
  • Brooklyn Grange:


Here you have it. Our version of a guide to Green Lifestyle!


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