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Three Steps To Eco friendly Laundry | Home Living



Three Steps To Eco-friendly Laundry | Home Living



How To Live Eco-friendly At Home: Starting With Laundry 


We all know the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world. They use unsustainable fabrics, pollute the air and water, and contribute to the mass consumption/waste market. We try to change all that by buying only when we need to, and of course, by taking care of what we already have. Here are three small steps that will change your laundry routine for the better.  


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1. Wash in cold water 

This one is important. Washing in cold water is better for the environment as it reduces energy use. About 75% of household energy comes from using hot water alone to wash clothes. Save your electricity bills and your clothes. Cold water is better for your fabrics as it doesn’t cause shrinkage or fading. Your clothes will last longer and look better. It’s a win-win for everything.


2. Use non-toxic liquid detergent 

When picking your detergent look for eco-friendly ones. Take your pick, there’s all-natural detergents, green detergents, biodegradable ingredients, and organic. There’s a range to choose from so try out a few to see what works for you. Method (pictured above) uses mostly plant-based and biodegradable materials, while their bottles are also 100% recycled plastics.



3. Air dry your clothes

Finally, ONLY air dry. Again, this step saves you money and saves your clothes from damage. Air drying lets your fabrics retain their strength and shape without shrinking from heat. When air-drying you can hang them on a rack at home, make sure to keep your clothes separated to help them dry faster. If you live in a particularly humid place keep a small fan next to the clothes to help them dry faster and not turn mushy. I like doing this as it helps my home smell like clean laundry.


What other tips and tricks help you keep your home eco-friendly? Share in the comments below!




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