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Organic Products and Routines by Real Users!

Favorite Organic Products and Routines 


We read your comments on Instagram on our share a story win a dress promotion. We thought it would be a waste not to share these routines and product with the rest of our readers, so here are the top 10 tips on staying organic and keeping your life sustainable! Tried and tested by real users, and real people (that's you guys!). 


1: "I love so many organic skincare brands, so I can't choose just one! Another Eco-friendly thing I love is my @lunettecup" -

2: "Organic coconut oil! Just the best product to use either in the kitchen or to create your own beauty products" - @anitalogal


3: " My favorite organic products are flowers. People so often forget that shopping organic for non-edible goods is important, too - especially when it comes to the blooms gracing our kitchen counters! I love piecing together a wild bundle of peonies or lilacs at the farmer's market each weekend, balancing them between my shoulder, satchel, and smoothie. A bouquet always brightens my entire week, and I love knowing that I'm supporting sustainable farmers "- @aboutdanielle

Urban Stems


4: " Recycling as much as possible. Buying products with minimal packaging." - @silviajwong

5: "My friends and i came up with idea of clothing swap party: we bring all the clothes, shoes and accessories we don't want anymore and hold an auction to exchange them between us. I've never thought that such a thing can be so much fun but believe me it is: not only we give those garments a second life but also share its stories, wine and laughter and have a great reason to get together more often with a good cause " @nymargie1

6: "I use tampons without plastic applicators and menstrual cups!!" - @ong_going


7: "Using organically grown produce and local when I can! Also trying to be more mindful of the clothes I wear 💕"




8: "I make salad with organic tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. What's so much fun about it is that i need to hunt for the veggies in my Italian friend parents' garden 😃😄those pomodori are delish!!! 🍅🍅🍅" - @maxaon2


Manuka honey



9: " I try to eat organic so my favorite is Raw Manuka Honey and certified organic probiotics and enzymes Dr.Formulated 👍" - @nymargie1


Josie Maran Argan Color Stick

10: " I looooove my Josie Maran Argan Color Stick!!! This is such a cool idea!" - @jocelyn_thebold


Have more to share? Comment below and we'll check them out! 


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