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Top 5 Ice Creams in NYC from a Matcha Addict



Top 5 Ice Creams in NYC from a Matcha Addict 

This week we’re craving matcha, a special green tea powder that is farmed in a specific unique process that gives people a calm energy along with huge amounts of nutrients.

What’s so special about matcha is that it's a ground pure powder, it has to be mixed to become the tea we love, therefore it’s easy to combine with other flavours and create genius culinary breakthroughs like matcha ice-cream #yum. Here we list our top 5 matcha-addict approved ice creams in NYC.


1: The Original Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

The Original Chinatown Ice Cream Factory siiZU

 A small ice cream shop in the middle of Chinatown. They make flavours ranging from ‘regular’, ‘exotic’ and ‘special appearances’ they live up to their name of being a factory, churning out new creations and delicious combinations like our favourite: green tea oreo ice cream (it’s under special appearance). 



2: I CE NY

I ce NY

 Not eating Thai Icecream this summer is a sin. This upcoming trend has been around for decades, but has only started to catch on as our summer hits some of the hottest days of the year. I CE NY creates customizable bowls of Thai Icecream, just pick a flavour and the toppings you want. Of course they have pre-made delicious combos for you like their Matcha Madness: Green Tea Ice Cream, Oreo, Mochi, Red Bean, Condensed Milk.



3: Snowdays

Snowdays Matcha ice cream


Shaved Ice tastes creamy but melts instantly in your mouth, it’s perfect for warm days, hydrating, and packed with flavour. At Snowdays, get an Asian inspired snowcone of Green Tea Matcha for just $6.25, plus you get to keep the adorable blue paper cups they come in.

Their Made-in-Taiwan combo features grass jelly, mochi, and condensed milk (yum yum!)



4: Morgenstern

Morgenstern Ice cream Green Tea

Be warned, Morgenstern is almost as famous for their ice cream as they are for the block-long lines outside their store. However, one small sweet surprise that is subtle in its name but not in flavour is their green tea pistachio ice cream. Hiding in between the durian and famous coconut black ash, their green tea pistachio ice cream is one of a kind. Delicate, decadent, it is what you’d imagine a spring day in the park tastes like.



5: Sundaes and Cones

Matcha ice cream

cr: Timeout

A huge light-filled ice creamery, you wouldn’t expect any less for a place called Sundaes and Cones. They offer waffle bowls, milk shake floats, and of course green tea matcha flavours. (along with lychee, hazelnut, corn, and more special flavours!)

Read our list of top 5 vegan ice creams in New York, for your dairy-free ice cream fix.


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