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Unique Plants You Never Knew You Needed

Unique Plants You Never Knew You Needed

These colorful and geometric succulents are perfect for your home and garden



Now that it’s summer farmer markets and gardens are blooming. There are plants sprouting up everywhere and people are bringing them back home to decorate. Spruce up a dull corner with these unique looking plants for a little character and personality.



Scientific Name: Selenicereus Anthonyanus
AKA: Fish Bone Cactus


This playful cactus is perfect as either a quirky little companion, or a sprawling unique decoration. We love the geometric aspect it adds to a space. These plants thrive in partial and indirect light, so bathrooms, living rooms, or by a window that doesn’t get too much sun.


Scientific Name: Crassula Umbella
AKA: Wine Cup Succulent



This beautiful plant features bright green leaves and from winter to spring will sprout yellowish flowers and can grow up to 15cm high. A pretty plant to keep in the bedroom. Keep it more dry than wet, and keep it in full sun to keep their colors bright.



Scientific Name: Euphorbia tirucalli
AKA: Fire Pencil Cactus



This plant grows extremely well in the sun, and will sometimes turn a gorgeous coral red bringing a spot of bright color into your garden or home. This plant is easy to grow, just leave in a sunny area and watch it blossom. Careful as the leaves may be irritable to the skin.



Scientific Name: Euphorbia obesa
AKA: Baseball Plant


Sedum Morganianum is a gorgeous hanging plant, that sprouts pretty red flowers. Their plump tear drop-shaped leaves add dimension to your fence, or ceiling. They are also incredibly easy to take care of, it only needs partial sun and water every 10 to 14 days.



Scientific Name: Senecio rowleyanus
AKA: Pearl Plant


This is a fantastic plant to keep around, full of personality, and easy to grow and propagate. Like most succulents keep watering to a minimum and keep this one out of direct sun. We would love to keep this by the window near our accessories to match our pearl earrings


Scientific Name: Haworthia Cooperi
AKA: Haworthia


These plants look like a collection of bubbles. It would be a great addition to your home during the summer as a ‘water element’ when it’s hot. Check out these feng shui tips for your home. Keep your Haworthia in a bright place where the temperature stays around 21-32 C.



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