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10 Valentine’s Day Ideas With Friends




10 Valentine’s Day Ideas With Friends



No-one is going to be lonely this Valentine’s day. Go out or stay in, these are 10 valentine day ideas for you and your friends.


Happy Valentine’s day! We’re decorating with roses, sweet chocolates, delicious organic red wines, and love everywhere. If you’re celebrating with a loved one, friends, or even just yourself (no shame in that!) we’ve got you. Check out these 10 Valentine’s day ideas that are fun for anyone.



1: Start your day off with fresh flowers




Valentine’s day is incomplete without flowers. Send yourself and your friends some fresh flowers. Flowers are great because they smell amazing, look amazing, and don’t they just make you happy by looking at them? Check out our list of flower delivery places in NYC



2: Wine bar hopping


You can’t say “Happy Valentine’s day” without a cup of organic red wine in your hand. Ring up a few friends, or plan a fun date night by bar hopping all the best bars. You’re in New York City so live it up! These are our favorite organic wine bars.



3: Make handmade valentine’s day cards




Remember when you used to make cards in elementary school and had to send them to everyone in your class? Let’s bring that back! Send out cute handmade valentines cards to all your friends, love isn’t limited to just your significant other! Make a card for your family, your neighbors, your friends, your dog, just keep spreading the love.



4: Tour Central Park




Central Park is beautiful all year round. Valentine’s day is the perfect time to be as corny and cheesy as you want. So head to the park in the snow, get on a carriage ride, hold hands, it’s going to make you smile.



5: Speaking of cheesey, get some fondue!



All this talk about cheesy valentine’s day ideas has us craving cheese. Check out the hottest meltiest cheesiest fondue spots in New York City for the perfect valentine's day date with your friends. Sharing is caring.


6: Time To Take Some #Relationshipgoals photos.



Get matching comfy sweaters for you and your bff and pose for some #relationshipgoals photographs. You’ll have a great time and a fun little project that you’ll be able to look back on for ages.



7: Dinner Reservations Please



Classic, romantic, fun, delicious. Going out to eat is always a good idea and an even better valentine’s day idea. Dress up and hit up Chelsea with a couple friends for a fun night out eat delicious food, drink delicious drinks, and dance the night away in this trendy neighborhood.



8: Food Delivery, please



Scratch going out, Netflix is on, its warm inside, and you can stay in your PJ’s all day long. Order in some food to celebrate valentine’s day, maybe you want to be extra fancy and light up an eco-friendly candle for a romantic take out meal. Sounds good to us! Check out these places that deliver organic meals.



9: Movie Night




The food delivery is on the way, now what to watch? Check out the classics on Netflix like the original Parent Trap, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, or a modern show with the same quirky outlook like Moonrise Kingdom. These are our favorite movies to enjoy with friends as they’re witty, full of iconic scenes, and the outfits!! Maybe have a movie theme night where you and your friends dress up like the characters and stay in to watch a great show.



10: V-day Spa-day



Take yourself on a date! Go do some yoga, or relax at a spa. You deserve it, it’s been a long 2017 and it’s only February! Revamp at a spa and have everyone wondering where you got your glow the day after valentine’s day. If you’d rather stay home, you can always grab some friends and give yourselves a homemade DIY spa treatment.


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