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4 Ways To Style Your SiiZU Sweater For NYFW




4 Ways To Style Your SiiZU Sweater For NYFW


Sweaters and eco-conscious fashion is the next big thing.



New York - If you haven’t seen the latest photos by Splendor Magazine, you’re missing out on some great styling tips for our eco-friendly merino wool sweaters. These style inspirational pictures take sweater weather to the next level and will be a huge hit at NYFW.


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1: Add Metallic Tones To Your Wool Sweater


Style our pink pastel sweater with a cool metallic jacket. Image by Splendor Magazine.


Style your pink SiiZU sweater with a metallic vintage jacket to add an extra glam pop to your outfit. A mix of textures, colors, and styles makes the Italian Merino wool look extra chic.

Where to wear: The outfit is modest but fun, so we think it’d look great on a cool first date night. You’ll look and feel fun in your comfortable chic outfit.



2: Accentuate With A Patterned Blouse

Those boots, that skirt, the blouse, the sweater, everything is so perfect in this photo! Image by Splendor Magazine


Mismatching textures, colors, and styles is a trend this year and it can’t be better than in this photo. The patterned blouse has it’s own personality and is accentuated by sticking out of the sweater. The metallic boots are in a league of their own but work with the mismatchedness of the outfit. If you’re going to do anything you have to commit and this is what this outfit does!


Where to wear:  We love this because it works as a day to night outfit with the boots. From the coffee run to a bar run, you’ll look ready for anything in this ensemble.



3: Sweater Vests + Jumpsuits = Perfection


Here’s a hot look from Lucy’s Magazine Webitorials. A sleek sweater vest with a toned color jumpsuit.


This has quickly become one of favorite look for this warm and cold winter. Pair our sleeveless sweater vest with a toned color jumpsuit for a chic boho look that works well when a warmer winter day rolls around. These sweaters are made with Tencel a wood pulp fabric that is made from a closed-loop system, meaning that everything that comes out goes back in.

Read more about Tencel here.


Where to wear: This is the outfit you wear for a quick coffee run to meet up with friends. This is the outfit you wear to be noted at NYFW.



4: Tuck In Your Sweater For A Laidback Vibe


A modern take on a vintage trend. Image and style by Mindy.


You can be comfy and stylish, it’s one of our favorite things about wearing sweaters. Add to the fact that these adorable pink Merino wool sweaters are eco-conscious, and you’ve got a fashionable statement outfit. See this sweater in blue.


Where to wear: The best part of this outfit is that it’s perfect for any day and any time. Wear it grocery shopping, to the office, happy hour, or a date. Change up the accessories to easily change up your look!


How would you style your SiiZU sweaters? Share in the comments below!



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