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5 Eco-friendly Products That Will Improve Your Skin As You Sleep



5 Eco-friendly Products That Will Improve Your Skin As You Sleep



Want To Rejuvenate While You Sleep? Check Out These Products


Ever wondered how people seem to wake up fresh and ready? They’re creating a better sleeping environment for themselves so that their skin is actually recovering better while they sleep. Try these tips and tricks to wake up looking and feeling rejuvenated.  

Or try these home treatments for a DIY spa night.



Vegan Cell Renewal Night Cream by YASOU

This vegan moisturizer works overnight to reduce fine lines and wrinkles as you sleep. It’s also vegan and gluten free so we can all enjoy it! Check out Radiant Root’s hydrating cream here.



Eco-friendly Humidifier by U-Garden

Try this adorable and ecofriendly humidifier by U-garden to get better skin as you sleep. It’s made out of recycled material and doesn’t use any electricity. The water will diffuse slowly throughout the night so you can add moisture back in the air. Check it out here.



Copper Pillows

Switch up your pillows for ones with infused copper strands. The copper is great for rejuvenating skin as you sleep, and is also naturally antibacterial so you won’t have any germs resting on your face overnight. Get a set here.



Satin Eye Covers by Catbird

Look cute while you sleep, and after, with these cat eye masks by Catbird. The satin is soft on your skin leaving you with zero wrinkles. Get yours here.



Moroccan Coffee Eye Cream

Pair your eye masks with an all natural and vegan eye cream. The caffeine will reduce puffiness, while the added vitamin E regenerates the skin around the eye. Find this cream on Atherapure.


Share your sleep routine in the comments below!




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